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Turidoth is the screenname of a Canadian polymath. A self-proclaimed idealist, his chosen contribution to society is in the field of engineering.

His first registered edit was in May 2005, though some edits were made anonymously in the prior months. He is primarily interested in Canadiana, classical music, mathematics, human rights, and various less mainstream topics such as lifeguarding, Chess and food.

He enjoys roller coasters in the summer, skiing in the winter, and reading all year round. His favourite works include those of George Orwell, Robert Sawyer, Orson Scott Card and Ayn Rand, as well as single works such as The Giver, Only Forward, The Maestro and The da Vinci Code.

His favourite movies include The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Swordfish and Airplane!. He maintains a list of all movies he has ever seen that are Superior (A-) or Outstanding (A), rated using a weighted geometric average of five categories. This list contains about 100 entries, and also includes some notable Above Average (B+) movies. He is still waiting for a Spectacular/Flawless/rather on the ideal side (A+) movie.

Turidoth is from the city of Hong Kong, and calls the city of Toronto his home. He is active on Facebook and Yahoo Answers. Wikipedians can contact him through his talk page.

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