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In contrast to North Korea, South Korea is not known to possess or to have historically possessed weapons of mass destruction. However, South Korea previously pursued a secret independent nuclear weapons programme under President Park Chung-hee in the 1970s. Park desired the acquisition of nuclear weapons to counter the North Korean threat.

Nuclear weapons[edit]


North and South Korea were divided in the aftermath of the Second World War by the United States under General Order No. 1. The north of the peninsula was occupied by the Soviet Union, which helped establish a communist state under the leadership of Kim Il-sung, while the United States oversaw the establishment of an allied state in the south led by Syngman Rhee. In 1950, Kim invaded the South with the intention of effecting a communist reunification, beginning the Korean War. With the mandate of UNSC Resolution 84, the United Nations backed the South's defense. The United States under President Truman deliberated on the possibility of a nuclear retaliation against China, which intervened on the North Koreans' behalf, but decided against this strategy.

Establishment of secret programme[edit]

Programme revealed[edit]

American intervention and end[edit]