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General Facts[edit]

I am a new Wikipedian; I, however, have some experience editing anonymously: usually typos and vandalism. I am interested in physics, quantum mechanics, and writing. Valence electrons fascinate me.

Various Musings[edit]

I'd like to contribute more to various J-pop/J-rock articles, perhaps YUI or Hikaru Utada... but I'm not particularly sure where to begin. Eh, well.

Current Projects[edit]

Currently I'm rather unbusy, but I still will be contributing my spelling/etc knowledge to random pages. As soon as my life gets a little less busy, I'll get back to working on stubs. I was helping out in Japanese single/album stub categories. Miwako Okuda was my current project, mostly adding infoboxen and sufficient context.

As of approximately March the 5th, 2007, I consider myself a part of the Recent Change Patrol. Good luck to all out there who are swiftly reverting vandalism. ^_^

Articles Significantly Contributed To[edit]

Jan Morgenstern, created. Cognitive deficit, created.

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