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The Voice of Reason is a college graduate, an educator, and a highly motivated pursuant of a Master's degree from Saint Xavier University. Anyone can count on the Voice of Reason's contributions because he is well educated, has life experience, and is truly "fair and balanced." why is this here?!?


The Voice of Reason grew up on the Southside of Chicago, and is an avid White Sox fan. He lived in various neighborhoods within the city limits, including Back of the Yards, West Lawn, Ashburn, and Morgan Park. He is a product of the Chicago Public Schools and attended Brother Rice High School.

Political Affiliations & Aspirations[edit]

The Voice of Reason is a proud conservative, with aspirations of becoming an active member of the Republican Party. He is disgusted by the Democratic Party's political monopoly of his beloved Chicago. Someday he'll destroy the Democratic Party's political machine with a wrecking ball, by running for mayor himself.



I perceive Wikipedia as having the potential to provide credible information. Unfortunately, there are too many articles on this vast site that contain a substantial amount of inaccuracies. Thus, I would not encourage elementary and secondary students to use Wikipedia as a research tool on the basis that they might come across invalid information. Therefore, I purpose the following:

  • All users wishing to contribute to Wikipedia by editing and creating articles should complete an application that screens their credentials, and create an individualized account.
  • Users must write a proposal, abstract, and annotative bibliography that must be approved by a certain number fellow members, and an administrator before creating a new article.

Feel free to post any comments concerning this matter in my discussion page. However, kindly sign your posts so I can respond, if necessary.


I strongly believe that children are conditioned to become the type of people they are today. Think of a child’s mind as if it were a large computer hard drive complete with a pre-installed basic operating system. The operating system contains the basic components necessary to for children to acquire essential motor skills. Otherwise, the child’s memory is open to a vast amount of information that is recorded throughout his or her lifespan, specifically childhood. However, digital files that can easily be deleted from a computer hard drive, unlike humans who permanently store information somewhere in their brains. Humans merely forget memories, displacing them somewhere in their minds, making it difficult for easy recollection. It is somewhat similar to hard drives that are presently becoming much larger in capacity, therefore it easy for someone to misplace an important text file in a folder and forget its location. Thus, that is why a file search component is readily available in computer operating systems such as Windows XP or Mac OS X. We can search through our memories by simply making ourselves comfortable and meditate. Therefore, it is important to protect the images children are exposed to at an early age.

Have you turned on the television lately? If so, chances are high that you were exposed to various forms of sex and violence. Just tune into one of the MTV networks and you might see Daddy Yankee’s music video titled “Gasolina” (Spanish meaning gasoline). This music video features scantly dressed women dancing provocatively, whilst providing the chorus lyrics “dame más gasoline,” which translates to “give more gasoline” or “you give me more gasoline.” Adolescent boys exposed to such music videos develop the concept that women are merely sexy objects, while adolescent girls longing to “feel sexy and like attention” will reduce themselves to demeaning roles. You know things have gone really bad if you see first grade girls at inner-city schools dancing like the women in music videos.

The Collapse of the United States?[edit]

Many historians argue the Roman Empire’s collapse is not solely owed to external forces, such as Germanic “barbarian” tribes. Rather, Rome’s downfall as the world’s ancient superpower is owed to decay from within. Such decay is attributed to the corruption and debauchery of various consuls, emperors, and the Roman Senate. Many leaders prioritized personal wealth over the people of Rome. Consequently, Rome’s infrastructure began to crumble whilst the empire’s domain progressively diminished to the point of non-existence.

I am highly confident the brief synopsis of Rome’s downfall sounds somewhat familiar with regards to current affairs. For instance, the United States is apparently losing credibility and leadership in the eyes of the international community due to the highly confrontational foreign policy of a particular President. His administrative colleagues appear exceptionally dubious, citing the Vice President’s subtle affiliation with Halliburton. This raises one question, is the current presidential administration working in the best interest of the American people, or the wealthy conglomerates? I can safely assume the latter judging from the outcome of November 2006’s midterm elections, and recent approval ratings.

Interestingly, it appears the conglomerates in question are more concerned with Iraqi infrastructure rather than that of America’s. Nevertheless, there is no legitimate reason why any bridge should collapse on American soil. There is no legitimate explanation to the administration’s lack of attention after a hurricane nearly eliminated an American city from the face of the Earth. Unfortunately, the apathy of our elected leaders may result in one consequence… the collapse of the United States of America.

RE: To Catch a Predator[edit]

It appears Perverted Justice and NBC's "To Catch a Predator" are making a valuable contribution to our society by helping our respective law enforcement agencies find justice for those who would do harm to children. Unfortunately, this may not be the case at all. Let’s say someone is convicted of soliciting sex with minor (or something along those lines). This is in addition to having their lives ruined on national television, which usually culminates to termination of employment and destruction of the family unit. The pervert serves time in a penitentiary for a certain period of time and even receives psychological treatment if funding permits. Hypothetically, the ex-convict is reformed and ready to rejoin our society. Yet, the person who poses no harm to others is permanently branded a “sex offender” on criminal background checks, and required to live a certain distance from where children are likely to congregate. The ex-con will not even be able to acquire a janitor’s job at a McDonald’s restaurant because the company probably fears a potential liability in the event of an “incident” in the playpen. Some sensationalists might say this is the price one pays for soliciting sex with minors, but true intellectuals will beg to differ. Thus, our penal system is merely a factory for converting non-violent sex-offenders to violent felons. People will do just about anything to keep themselves warm and sheltered whilst putting food in their stomachs. They will likely resort to violent crimes if they are unable to do so.


This is actually an easier issue to resolve than most people think. Many politicians use it as a "weapon of mass distraction" to avoid being held accountable for more significant issues. The fact of the matter is many wedded couples are unable to have their own biologic children due to medical reasons, so why not adoption?



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