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20:42 UTC, Sunday, 17 February 2019
"We are not in the world to give the laws...but in order to obey the commands of the gods".
~ Plutarch, priest of Apollo at Delphi.
This is the essence of Western Culture and Civilization.


W. Lindsay Wheeler, Wikipedian.jpg

My name is W. Lindsay Wheeler. My hero is Socrates and I am a servant of my Lord Jesus Christ. I am a conservative because that is what the virtue of righteousness teaches! From 1st century B.C., the virtue of righteousness:

“First among the claims of righteousness are our duties to the gods, then our duties to the spirits, then those to country [patrida] and parents, then those to the departed; and among these claims is piety, which is either a part of righteousness or a concomitant of it.” (pseudo-Aristotle, Virtues & Vices, v, 2)

"Patrida" is Greek for Fatherland, blood and soil. St. Peter in his second letter (1:5) commands: "Supplement the Faith with Arete (Virtue)...". Virtue is a Christian necessity. Duty to God and Country, in the Boy Scout Oath, is the Virtue of Righteousness. That guides all I do and am. I am a reactionaryist (i.e. a Continental Conservative), race realist, monarchist/classical republicanist; Guardian of the Law; a vehement anti-communist; a Catholic for 40 years, now a convert to Greek Orthodoxy. As a Continental Conservative, as a Guardian of the Law, I uphold Christendom, Throne and Altar, the Old Order. I consider myself a homeless Christian, i.e. a little Protestant, much Catholic, and much Orthodox; avoiding the failings of each and learning the truths they teach. (I have gone beyond partisanship in Christianity. I try to live in the pre-schism Church.)

My second Duty, my most innermost instinct:

"It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but do what is in us for the succor of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule."
M. Scott Peck quoting J. R. Tolkien [1983](1998) People of the Lie. Touchstone/Simon&Schuster: NY. pg 39. Tolkien (1965) The Return of the King. Ballantine Books. pg. 190.

My third Duty:

That the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against The Church!


Eagle Scout; Former U.S. Marine participated in the Embassy Rescue Raid in l980 aboard the USS Coral Sea; two WestPacs; traveled by backpack across America and Europe for four years working on ranches and farms; One year of philosophy at Lateran University Rome; Spent five months in the French Foreign Legion; Milked goats and cows by hand and made hay with a scythe in Switzerland; Joined back up for Desert Storm; MedPac with 1/8 aboard USS Saipan (LHA-2); two yrs at Berea College, KY; Worked as a Shabbas goy for two and a half years. Trade: form carpenter (concrete construction) and worked mostly as a farm laborer.

I am an autodidact. Most of my learning came from reading books and not from any classroom. I have a Ph.D. in the School of Nature and Hard Knocks. I thank God I don't have a college degree and spent very little time in the classroom of the Comprachicos (an essay by Ayn Rand).

I am not a Nihilist and so the whole Bible is the Word of God and is a book of Truth. Truth is absolute. Truth is everything. I am obedient to the logos whether by divine revelation or by nature. I am a practitioner of Doric philosophy following the footsteps of Socrates, Plato, who were both "emulators, admirers, and disciples of Spartan culture" and their wisdom, and Jacques Maritain's Aristotelian-Thomism. My politics is formed by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn. As a monarchist, he teaches that Nazism, Fascism and the like are all leftist in character. His research and insight is diagramed here: Origins of the Nazi Movement and Diagram of Indentitariansim and Equalitarianism. Konrad Heiden, in Der Fuhrer reports that "They occassionaly referred to their party as a 'party of the Left." (pg 94) I am the spiritual son of Archimandrite Boniface Luykx and I seek to continue his work. I live the Christian Unity Father Boniface so much wanted and worked for, traditional, orthodox, and patristic, i.e. the pre-schism Church.

As a Greek, I see both spiritual and physical truth as a unitary whole. I do not divorce divine revelation from physical truth. I am a philosopher trained under the rules of Socrates in Plato's Republic. I am a "Lover of Truth" ("...and they will love the truth." Jowett, Republic, §485) and a "Hater of Lies" ("And will the love of a lie be any part of a philosopher's nature? Will he not utterly hate a lie?" Jowett, Republic, §490). I have a deep sense of truth and getting to the bottom of things.

And then, I am a nomosphylactes, a Guardian of the Law. To be Guardian, one must be "a soldier and philosopher in one". (Plato's Republic, §523b). And being in the Boy Scouts, I went thru a type of agoge. I've gone thru what my forefathers practiced.

I'm an adoptee, an Anglo-Saxon by adoption; my loyalty and duty first belong to the Anglo-Saxon race; my adopted dad was an Anglo-Saxon, roots in Pisgah, Alabama, with roots traced to the Mayflower; my name is pure Anglo-Saxon. My dad of adoption was originally a WASP who converted to Roman Catholicism. I would be an English Catholic and a loyalist. My natural father was born in Hania, Crete by both parents of Cretan origin. My natural grandfather is from the village of Meldoni in Western Crete. My other half is French/German/Irish. I grew up in a very German home; my adoptee mom was German, (nee Menne). Born left-handed, made to use right. Anglo-Saxons and the Doric Greeks share a common instinct: Ref. note #75.6. (Classical definition of republic) Prof. A.H.J. Greenidge, M.A., in A Handbook of Greek Constitutional History, writes that Sparta and Britain had the same form of government: "History has shown that such forms of government (speaking about mixed government) are suited to a commonsense non-idealistic people: the Phoenicians of Carthage, the Dorians of Greece, Romans, and Englishmen have all developed this type of polity" (pg 76); "Besides acknowledged difficulty of the creation of such a system, amply illustrated by the history of Sparta, Rome, and England" (ibid).

Since the age of 16, I, as much as possible, attended both Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox liturgies every weekend, thru high school, service in the Marines and afterwards when I moved to Michigan. Only when a Catholic priest told me that St. Paul was a misogynist did I leave and convert to the Orthodox Church. I'm still a Latin Catholic at heart and miss the Church and her old hymns. I can NOT stomach the gnosticism that is throughout the Church, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant; I hate gnosticism with a passion.

I am also a member of the online library, Questia. It is has been a boon for me and I highly suggest you become a member of it. It is a great resource!

My contributions[edit]

I am a stickler for referencing. I believe credit should be given where credit is due. There is a second point:

The reason I stress my contributions and protect authorship of my contributions is that they are the only proof of my expertise. I don't have a college degree that I can point to. Most of the contributors here have college degrees and can point to that as a matter of substance. I am a second class citizen and have nothing. The only way to gain honor and respect is the quality, depth, and significance of my contributions. This is in lieu of a college degree. My submissions are a sign of my learning and professionalism and are necessary for my honor and respect in this community. They are a witness. I don't care where and how the material is used by somebody else but in the starting of new pages and new information, I would like the credit because it is central to honor and respect of the hard work that I have done and establish my grasp of subject material.

Favorite Quotes[edit]

  • "Speak Truth in all things." ~ LXX Genesis ch 20.16
  • "All heroic virtues rest on truth." ~ Pindar, quoted by Plutarch bio of Gaius Marius
  • "On my honor I will do my best to do my duty, to God and my country." ~ The Boy Scout Oath
  • "Where money is prized, virtue is despised." ~ Socrates
  • "Iron sharpens iron." ~ Septuagint Prov 27.17
  • "Ours not to question why, Ours but to do and die." Tennyson, Charge of the Light Brigade. An allusion to the Spartan Oath, "Stand in place, win or die."
  • "I'm obedient to the Law but under no man". ~ A Greek saying?
  • "True American Liberalism utterly denies the whole creed of socialism." ~ Herbert Hoover, The Challenge to Liberty.
  • "There is nothing compatible between Christianity and Socialism." ~ Pope Pius XII.
  • "Satan takes learned heads for a ride." ~ Greek proverb? found in Inside Hitler's Greece, by Mark Mazower, pg 282.
  • "Throw nature out with a pitchfork, and yet she will return." ~ Horace, Epistles I.X.24
  • "A man should, whatever happens, keep his own caste, race and breed." ~ Rudyard Kipling
  • "Sometimes cruelty is an act of love" ~ Tony Savalas as Kojak. (Only a Greek would know this and understand.)
  • "The Enemy always attacks thru weak links". Vox Day Sept. 17, 2015. Third time's the charm


  • "You can't parlay peace with the Devil with half a loaf."
  • "Jesus had his Judas, we have our ten thousand."
  • "Everything Adam wasn't, the Spartans were."
  • "Belonging and Volkenhass are the glue that holds nations together".
    • (using marxist terminology) "Racism is the glue that holds nations together."
  • "Race is in everything"
  • "If you can't lead people to liberty in this life, you sure can't lead people to liberty in the next."
  • "Knowledge is like manure, it does no good piled in a heap. It only does good when spread around."
  • "Knowledge is in pyramid mode. One can't reach the pinacle without stepping on the lower stones."
  • "Knowledge is like a spider's web. You can't reach the center unless you cross many strands."
  • "Government is not a mechanical process, it is a living, breathing entity."
  • "Even good in the wrong proportions does evil."
  • "Christianity is defined by the Truth, not by the heretics within it."
  • "When Ideology comes into play--Facts go out the window."
  • "Post Vatican II Catholicism is Marxism with a cross."
  • "The whole modern world is like one large Jim Jones Temple--and everybody has drunk the Kool-Aid."
  • "Any religion that commits Treason, is no religion".
  • "God loves symmetry."
  • "If there was NO International Socialism, there would have been NO National Socialism!"
  • "The rule of law is gone because the society of virtue is gone."
  • "Democracy is where the vulgar class plays at governing."
  • "Law only exists on the bed of Virtue."
  • "Beware of God".
  • "Can you have a Family without a Father? Then, one can't have a nation without a Monarch!"
  • "Jesus Christ is the walkin', talkin' Old Testament".
  • "Knowledge only exists on the bed of Memory".

Published Works[edit]

Other work[edit]

Reconstituted the real, original Natural Law that was mangled in transmission by the Cynics and the Stoics. This was lost for over 2200 years.

The Real Original Natural Law

Investigative Accomplishments[edit]

  • Uncovered irregularities in the City of Salinas's application for FEMA Funds. The City of Salinas, California demolished the historical Cominos Hotel after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. It requested reimbursement for the hotel at the tune of 7.3 million dollars. The City did not follow FEMA regulations such as a FEMA advisory council to inspect every damaged building before demolishing. The City steered any investigation away from the hotel and ordered the demolition company for the Cominos Hotel the night of the earthquake before any inspection or committee vote. Since the City wasn't going to rebuild or reconstruct the Hotel, FEMA would have reimbursed the City 4.3 million dollars. The City of Salinas lost this 4.3 million due to my investigation. I went to the local newspaper and they weren't much help; they did nothing but did write an article putting me in a crazy light.
  • 2016, investigated the rape of Metcalf Lake Nature Preserve, old growth forest with 4-5 diameter oak and walnut once given to the City of Battle Creek, Michigan. Found out that the property was supposed to be a Nature Preserve and the City broke the Deed Warranty. The city leased the property to a county organization, the Calhoun County Conservation District, which then logged it cutting down all marketable hardwoods on the property. They saved nothing. The property could not be returned to the descendants of the original owners because none of us has any money to take the city to court; essentially the City of Battle Creek thumbs its nose at concerned citizens. On Feb. 16, 2018, the Battle Creek Enquirer reported that the past director of the CCD has been indicted on non-related issue that of embezzling close to half-a-mil from federal grants. The City of Battle Creek is wondering where $90,000 that the CCD received from logging the preserve has gone. Reference:

Copyright permission[edit]

Multi-licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License versions 1.0 and 2.0
I agree to multi-license my text contributions, unless otherwise stated, under Wikipedia's copyright terms and the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license version 1.0 and version 2.0. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same, so if you want to use my contributions under the Creative Commons terms, please check the CC dual-license and Multi-licensing guides.

Authored Online Encyclopeadia articles posted to[edit]

My flagship article: The Classical Definition of Republic (This article has the distinct honor of being deleted off two websites.)

Sites started on Wikinfo[edit]

  • The Sysop of Wikinfo, Fred Bauder, has permanently banned me from Wikinfo on Dec. 31, 2014 because I quoted from Adolf Hitler and placed the quote on my webpage. He is now in the process of deleting all my work from Wikinfo. Hitler said, "The Western democracy of today is the forerunner of Marxism which without it would not be thinkable." I consider that statement true; Socrates said in his "Defense" (Apology) said, "No man on earth who conscientiously opposes either you or any other organized democracy, and flatly prevents a great many wrongs and illegalities from taking place in the state to which he belongs, can possibly escape with his life". (31e) Is Fred going to ban Socrates too? Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were all misodemoi, haters of democracy. Democracy is the worst form of government and has always come into being by bloodshed. Democracy always begins by killing hierarchy and regicides.
  • THE HYPOCRISY OF FRED BAUDER, who is Jewish. I quoted first Karl Marx and Lenin. Did Fred Bauder ban me then? NO. Karl Marx is the author of the most bloody genocidal anti-Christian, anti-Western ideology. Karl Marx called for the genocide of all reactionaries! Lenin said that genocide is a necessary tool of Socialism! Yet did Fred Bauder ban me because I quoted Karl Marx or Lenin? NO. See, Karl Marx is Jewish. He is automatically good. Anything that furthers the Jewish revolutionary goals is good! Karl Marx has blood on his hands; his ideology has killed more people than Hitler. Yet, Bauder bans me because I quote Hitler but didn't ban me because I quoted Karl Marx! What hypocrisy. Jews can do no wrong. The Jewish ideology of communism is alright. So long as the Jewish designs are advanced, no problem. See this is all a part of academia. They make Marx's bloody ideology must reads in their college curricula! Communists are quoted everywhere and no one says boo. It was Jewish Communists that genocided the Russian Royal Family. But Karl Marx is quoted everywhere! Jurgen Habermas, a German Communist, is quoted and read and given a ton of awards! No one bans him. Why? Well, Communism/Marxism is good! The whole world is Marxist. Academia is Marxist and so it is alright to quote Karl Marx, Jurgen Habermas and the all the members of the Frankfurt School! What Hypocrites! Quoting a communist is worse than quoting a Nazi! Communism/Marxism is a bloody genocidal ideology! --and no one cares! F*ck you all. (for references to Marx calling for genocide, please see "Genocide, when necessary", George Irbe.)

(WIKINFO was first hosted ibiblio. ibiblio dropped Wikinfo in March 2013. Now it is hosted on another website. Wikinfo is now up as of 10 November 2013.)
White Panther Party, Lawrence (Pun) Plamondon, Myson of Chen, Cultural imprinting on politics, National Socialism, my flagship article:, Classical definition of republic (The Classical definition of republic and that Sparta is a republic has now been published in an academic journal, "Sparta, Journal of Ancient Sparta and Greek History" on 5 May 2007,, Cretan/Spartan connection, Revolution within the form, Glossary of ancient Greek political terms, Munychia, Social distancing, Classical republics and democracy contrasted,, Unseen Hand, Judas goat, High-rise syndrome, Pecking order, Classical definition of racialism, Classical definition of racism, Israelite/Jewish racialism, Belonging (race), Classical definition of race, Life is War, Biblical paradigm of the First/Second born, Trial of Florinsky, Boniface Luykx, Temporal Order, Dynamic silence, Holocaustolatry, List of sources identifying Sparta as a republic, List of the multiple definitions of republic, Temporal Art, Samson Option, Aristotle's schema of governmental forms, German sayings, Machiavelli's Error, Proletarii, Questia, Charles Norris Cochrane, Lucideo Abbey, Mystic (Randian sense), Phillip Cary (professor), Subsumption (Hegelian), Ocellus Lucannus, List of race deniers, Allan G. Johnson, Racial Equity Conference Battle Creek, 2008, Deracination ideology, race realism, Christopher M. Hutton linguist scholar,

As for the Article on "National Socialism", if you look at the Early Nazi Timeline, you will see that National Socialism developed in Bohemia first in 1896. The Germans there copied them! If you read Zeev Sternhell, he records that a Frenchman used the same term two years later. Now, in Wikipedia, there is no article that discusses this. Every thing goes straight to Hitler. Wikipedians did not like this article and so it was deleted. Where amongst the Wikipedian articles do you find any thing on the pre-history of National socialism. Only my article answers begins to answer this mystery. These people have blinders on and can not figure out how this term developed almost simultaneously 20 years before Hitler. Can't have that. They are soooo blinded by ideology that they can't see a major discrepancy in their own theory. National Socialism developed long before Hitler came around and it is a major fault and error not to recognize it. Ideology not fidelity to facts runs Wikipedia.

Pages started[edit]

The Kyklos, Classical definition of republic (The Classical definition of republic and that Sparta is a republic has now been published in an academic journal, "Sparta, Journal of Ancient Sparta and Greek History" on 5 May 2007,, Paideia, Golden Mean (History of page changed when made redirect), Kalos Kagathos, Arete (excellence), Classical definition of effeminacy, Western culture, vanavsos, Fascism#The Origin and Ideology of Fascism, Nazi Songs, Jacques Maritain, Kultur, Philodorian, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Hermann Rauschning, Family as a model for the state, Kampfbund, von, Nazi 25-point program, Louis Leo Snyder, Hermann Esser, Rudolf Jung, Proposed policy suggestion:User Talk:WHEELER/Principles of Definition, Dinergy (This page is all Fubar. Where the original went I don't know. But this thing went to "Dinegy" is not right), Josef Pfitzner, Michael Freund, Franz Kemper, K. H. Bremer, Georges Sorel, Hubert Lagardelle, Hans Knirsch, Hans Krebs, J. Salwyn Schapiro, Zeev Sternhell, ex-Nazis, Czech National Socialist Party, Fascio, Doctrine of Fascism, Constitution of Fiume, Protestant work ethic, Weimar political parties, Weimar paramilitary groups, Most, Czech Republic, Glossary of the Weimar Republic, Sudeten German National Socialist Party, Conservative Revolutionary movement, Weimar Timeline, Reinhard Gehlen, Talk:Nazism/Revolutionary not Reactionary, Early Nazi Timeline, Romanitas, censored as politically incorrect:Cultural imprint on politics, Xenelasia, Category:Classical studies, Category:Virtue, Category:Vice, Category:English constitutionalists, Category:Fascist/Nazi era scholars and writers, William Stoughton (English constitutionalist), John Hooker (English constitutionalist), John A. Stormer, Platsis Symposium, Martin Classical Lectures, Robert Erskine (doctor), Boniface Luykx

Article pages where the History page has been tampered with[edit]

Wikipedia's practice of complete deletion of articles[31] without reference to the original article, the author(s)/publisher(s) of the article, and the history and title(s) of the article, including modification history, description and appropriate dates, is a direct violation of at least GFDL version 1.2. Not only that, but the GFDL License states that if the article/document contains Copyright notices, that said notices must be preserved at all times. If those notices are removed, then they are in violation of Copyright Law, as well as the terms of the GFDL license. Furthermore, the question of them removing anything outright at all comes into quite a grey area. If one reads the GFDL License literally, then it implies that once the article document is posted, it is in distribution, and technical measures are not allowed to be taken to prevent the use of the document in question, and that no other conditions whatsoever can be added by you to those of the GFDL license.[32][33](via Conservapedia)

  • Kalos Kagathos History page altered. My authorship and edits were totally expunged. // Has since been corrected.
  • Golden mean (philosophy) Someone deleted the content of the page, made it a redirect and then started a new page with the content. Instead of Moving the page to a new title and then creating a redirect page clean.
  • Hermann Rauschning History page expunged of a certain section, see Talk:Hermann Rauschning. History page altered.//Has since been corrected.

Sites of major contributions[edit]

Reactionary, beard, Junker, Classics, Macrocosm/microcosm, Seven Sages of Greece, Beer Hall Putsch, Nazi Party, Glossary of the Third Reich, Ochlocracy

A Cry for Intellectual Honesty[edit]

Josef Pfitzner, a Sudetenland German Nazi author, wrote that "the synthesis of the two great dynamic powers of the century, of the socialist and national idea, had been perfected in the German borderlands which thus were far ahead of their motherland." (2)WHEELER 21:23, 29 Jun 2004 (UTC)
Gee if he says it it must be true. WHEELER, you have to stop relying on quotations as *facts*. This is a reply from a contributor.

This is a classic tale of the lack of Intellectual honesty. Let me tell you what this is saying. "SHUT UP WHEELER, Joseph Pfitzner doesn't know what he is talking about, let me tell you what to think, to hell with what an actual Nazi does say. But we need to all rely and bow down to North American Academia to please **INTERPRET** what he actually said." See Joseph Pfitzer an actual Nazi living in Nazi Germany doesn't know really what he is saying, because Mr. Pfitzer contradicts American Academia Propaganda and GROUPSpeak, we must all listen while they re-interpret and explain to us how Mr. Pftizer is really a flaming rightwing fanatic. Neither Fascism nor Nazism had anything to do with socialism. Wheeler.

As in the words of another person, "For crissakes" the damn party even had in it the adjective that is was "socialist" and yet we all want to sit around and say that there was no socialism at all in Nazism or Fascism.


The above is an example of what follows:
Pick up the book by Gene Veith, Modern Fascism, Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview. He has a subchapter on *Deconstruction* It is preceeded by a chapter on *Relativism*. "...deconstruction begins with the existentialist dictum that there is no transcendent meaning, that meaning is a human construction. Deconstructionists go on to show that the way meaning is constructed is through language. Who is the originator of this. Paul de Man. Henri De Man was is uncle. "Henri was mentioned in the same breath as Heidegger as major thinkers for the new fascist order"

  • "The act of writing, the simple assertion of meaning, becomes not only a "power play", but an act of "arbitrary power". pp 135-139
  • "Deconstruction encourages this kind of moral detachment. It also tends to minimize the past. In a discussion of Nietzsche, De Man wrote that "the bases for historical knowledge are not empirical facts but written texts, even if these texts masquerade in the guise of wars or revolutions." Just as literary texts have no determinate meaining in themselves and are ultimately unknowable, the same must be true of texts such as wars and revolutions." pg 140.

Veith continues:"...the major theorist of deconstruction is not De Man but Jacques Derrida, a Jew. "This Jewish approach is far different from Hellenic thought, which has dominated Western philosophy with its attempt to go beyond language to posit rational systems and idealized truths. Herbert Schneidau relates Derrida's deconstruction to the radical iconoclasm of the Biblical tradition. G. Douglas Atkins, supporting both Handleman and Schneidau, employs Thorleif Boman's Hebrew Thought Compared to Greek to place Derrida in the Hebraic traditon."pg 141.

My contempt for academia[edit]

I lived some 34 years upon the earth and an avid reader of many things and had 12 years of Catholic primary education, which one would think above public schools.

Until one Saturday morning at the age c. 34, while reading Aristotle's Politics did I run into this word "Mixed Government". At this point, I had two years of college at Berea, KY. I never heard such a thing as "mixed government". Never. Why is that? Why wasn't I ever taught that?

Then, why doesn't any classical dictionary have an entry on it? When one reads Greek Classical texts, one runs across the word, not a lot, but it is not rare either. Charles Norris Cochrane could note that:

"the Romans is to be ascribed to the advantages of the 'mixed form' at the time fashionable in Greek political philosophy."

You can not read Greek classical texts and run across the word "mixed" as it relates to government. Is this a big secret to keep from the rest of us? Why does the great and illustrous classical college, Oxford, keep this a secret? Why do thousands of academics NOT teach this or why is this NOT in any textbook. (Only ONE professor has done so).

Second, if politics is a science---then how come the people in "political science" don't have clear terms? How come a "republic" is confused with democracy?

"Former President Bill Clinton challenged graduating Cornell University students to pursue the "'the eternal mission of American democracy'". (Detroit News, pg 4a, May 30, 2004).
Susan McManus, a PHD in Political Science and a professor at Tampa University, who is on every talk show and news show in Florida, goes around talking about how great democracy is and that our Founding Fathers started the greatest democracy and democracy this and democracy that.
President Bush says the same thing and his 2nd inaugural is about "celebrating democracy".

I believe democracy can take hold in parts of the world that have been condemned to tyranny. And I believe when democracies take hold, it leads to peace. That's been the proven example around the world. Democracies equal peace. President Bush in the Oval Office, quoted by Pat Buchanan, "Does Wilson's fate await Bush?" Posted: January 19, 2005

Another winner is Rush Limbaugh who sits in his Atilla the Hun chair in the Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.....and then calls himself the "Doctor of Democracy".

All the schools teach that we have a democracy to little kids, (they lie to them of course) and textbooks trumpet democracy and our democratic institutions coming from Athens and then have them turn around and say the Pledge of Allegiance (to the Republic). That a Republic is a democracy. What the hell is "political science"? It should be renamed "political shietz". (the German word for "shit" for that is what that field is.)

Then, I can not believe that people who created and wrote the Nazism ariticle never read, never quote or reference the 25point program. I am astounded. Tons of books on Nazi's and noone has a copy or comments on the "25 point program". Wow.

Then get this from Fascism in Europe, edited by S. J. Wolf, an article by K. R. Stadler, pg 97, Austrian fascism is "reactionary, anti-revolutionary movement". This from the actual program of the NDSAP:

"On their meeting in Trautenau (August 15, 1905) they declared solemnly that they were:

...a liberal, nationalistic party which fights with all powers at its disposal against all reactionary movements, against all feudal, clerical, and capitalistic priviledges,..." When the party, in l915, adopted the name "Deutsche Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei" (the party Hitler would later join), it echoed the sentiments of l905:

"It is a liberal and strictly racial (völkische) Party fighting against all reactionary efforts, the clerical, feudal, and capitalistic priviledges..." (3)

Clearly, the roots of German National Socialism were anti-reactionary, what about being anti-revolutionary--Adolf Hitler in the Beer Putsch, Yells out "Let the Revolution begin". There are countless references and scholars, J. Salwyn Schapiro, that show that Nazism is revolutionary. It was a revolutionary Mass Movement.

I have nothing but contempt for these people. George Bush with a Yale history degree. Bill Clinton who has two degrees and a lawyer with over eight years of higher education and Susan McManus with countless years in Academia. And teachers????---teaching little kids falsehood and lying to them. Publishing companies et al... What is a college degree worth? Toilet paper. All these people in media, colleges, government, CIA talking about democracy, countless years in Academia and none have ever stumbled across information that I have as recorded in the "Classical definition of republic" ---What fools.

It is no wonder that Ayn Rand calls them the "Comprachicos". I have nothing but disgust and contempt for somebody with a college degree and the whole american academia. Education is not what is going on but pure propaganda. That is why classical departments are closing everywhere. Can't let the cat out of the bag.

The "Classical definition of a republic" shows the insanity and ignorance reigning in the American classroom and the whole American populace. There is rampant deceivement going on.

docta ignorantia[edit]

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn writes, "Talking to a professor of a big American university, a specialist in modern German history, I remarked that Hilter was a demogogue like Cleon. 'Cleon?' (He remarked.) "Yes, Cleon of Athens", (professor:) 'Ah, that's antiquity. It's none of my business." This phenomena of specialization is by no means restricted to the United States; it is beginning to be worldwide, invading all studies and knowledge as a new form of docto ignorantia. Leftism Revisited, pg 443

Why the "hokey-pokey"[edit]

  • "Democracy is the road to socialism." Karl Marx
  • "Democracy is indispensable to socialism." Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
  • "Modern Socialism is inseperable from political democracy." Elements of Socialism, (1912) pg 337.
  • "The view that democracy and Socialism are inwardly related spread far and wide in the decades which preceded the Bolshevist revolution. Many came to believe that democracy and Socialism meant the same thing, and that democracy without Socialism or Socialism without democracy would not be possible." Socialism, Ludwig von Mises, pg 67.
  • "The Western democracy of today is the forerunner of Marxism which without it would not be thinkable." Adolf Hitler as a young man watching the Social Democracy marches in Vienna. (Mein Kampf, pg 78. Manheim translation, Mariner paperback)

What is really going on is that "democracy" is Marxism/Socialism. George Bush who considers himself a "Christian" and a "conservative" is busy spreading socialism everywhere---What a yahoo. What dumb is, dumber does.

I am not deceived, people.

  • David Horowitz, August 31, 2017, on the Sean Hannity Show, radio, with guest host Jonathan T. Gilliam, four o'clock hour, said, "Socialism has nothing to do with democracy". He is an idiot. It is these type of idiots that lead America!

Why the "hokey-pokey", part II[edit]

Is it not funny that Karl Marx is called a Philosopher and is in every Philosophy Reference and Dictionary books? Karl Marx is taught in our colleges and universities. His Communist Manifesto is required reading in Western Civ classes. The works of the Frankfurt School which is about propagating Marxism as a Cultural force are quoted and promoted by many in academia! Jurgen Habermas gets all sorts of awards. A man who belongs to the most bloody, genocidal, ideology and he is awarded and referenced and caressed by academia at large. No says nothing. Why is quoting Hitler wrong when he states a fact, but quoting Marx gets you promoted?

If there was NO International Socialism (which Marx created), there would have been No National Socialism!

Quoting a Communist is worse than quoting a Nazi! Communists/Marxists are a bunch of deadly genocidal ideologues. Yet, this is what academia in the modern world are full of. Anyone who practices, teaches political correctness is a Cultural Marxist and is part of the Communist machine.

Why I love Old Books[edit]

I don't trust any modern Books written by "modern" people. I had to read a book from 1839 to learn that Cicero called Sparta a republic. Do you think that any "modern" academic would teach or let on to their students that Sparta is a republic? NEVER in a million years. Do you think that information is in any "modern" textbook???? NEVER.

That is why I like reading old books. Only a book from 1839 had that information.

And another reason is that old books are not tainted with political correctness, and socialist/marxist methodology of criticisms, theories, slant, obscurantism etc ad nausem.



I've just realized the consequences of what I wrote the day before. How is it that I had to read a book from 1839 in order to learn that Cicero called Sparta a republic?????? UHHHHH. How come both The OXFORD Classical Dictionary and The OXFORD Companion to Classical Literature has no reference at all to Cicero calling Sparta a Republic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am mad as Hell and smell scandal scandal scandal in the Classical world. There is not even one reference to "mixed government". Where in the hell is their research and their expertise??? Where?????????? I don't read Latin or Greek but these people do and in all their time and professionality, they couldn't put that information into their reference material??? What the Hell is going on. Only Harpers Classical reference book says anything about "mixed" government. Not even W. G. Forest in his A History of Sparta does he mention any of this. How come Paul Cartledge in his book on the Spartans doesn't mention this???? What the hell is going on???? Why did it take for me to read a book from 1839 to find this important information.

Oxford University with all this scholary degrees and professionality and none did this???? All their degrees in Latin, and Greek???? How come modern textbooks don't have this information???? I am told "only recent information allowed". Yes it took me to read 200 year old books, The Federalist Papers and the Muller's book on the Dorians, to find out this information. This is a major scandal of major proportions.WHEELER 15:36, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Discrepancies with "Doctrine of Fascism" text[edit]

Herbert Hoover, in his book Challenge to Liberty (1934) has the phrase "Century of the Left" quoting from the Doctrine of Fascism. He quotes the "London Quarterly" where he got his source from.

The Doctrine of Fascism as printed now has the phrase "Century of the <<Right>>". These marks <<>> are in the text.

The Plot Thickens

Mussolini recalled and destroyed all available copies of the Doctrine of Fascism in April l940 after he had second thoughts about certain phrases in it. This from in Fascsim by Noel O'Sullivan, l983 pg 138 who references, Mussolini's Roman Empire, by Mack Smith Penguin, ed., l979, first published in l976, pg 247.

Questions abound Did Mussolini publish an edited version? Can we get some help from the people at Encyclopadia Italiana? Are the copies of the l932 Enciclopadia Italiana originals, reprints with the new revised doctrine in it. Are there TWO doctrines of Fascism out there and can theses documents be put side by side and a comparison made? Also, I would like to know how and why the London Quarterly got it wrong.

Can someone help clarify these issues? I need help in this matter.


  • In 1789, Nationalism was a revolutionary tool of the French revolution.
  • When revolutionary socialism, i.e. Marxism appeared, in 1848, Nationalism became a rallying cry for the conservatives and reactionaries and became a sign of the right.
  • But under the Habsburg monarchy, nationalism reappeared as a revolutionary force to dismantle and breakaway from the Dual monarchy in 1898. Nationalism was a tool of revolution therefore it became leftist in character and method.
    • Confusion reigns because of the subtle shifts in the meaning and no one picked up on it because no one knows the whole general history of national socialism because we only concentrate on the most profound aspect of it.
    • Nationalism swung back and forth like a pendulum.
    • If it swang one way, it could also swing back. And no one recognizes this.
  • Nationalism has always existed. It is used by the left and the right. It is not the exclusive domain of the right. It was first of all leftist in use.
  • As Zeev Sternhell pointed out that WWI "opened the eyes" of many to see the power that nationalism unleashes. Mussolini and Hitler used nationalism for revolutionary purposes.

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