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In progress[edit]

ÆthenorCheer-Accident20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions!Ornette!Ornette Coleman discographyJunk Science (rap group)Jazzlore: Ornette Coleman, Vol. 29Ornette Coleman templateGod's Moneyalex updatesringbangHe Kills CoppersPosse cut38 Degreesmissing Dischord Records bandsTrojan HorseSignor Benedick the Moor

To create?[edit]

Ava Leigh's debut Virgin Records album Turned-On Underground. Scottish bleepcore terrorists gay against you, their debut ADAADAT album Muscle Milk and self-released gay against you album, one member's solo work as Germlin and his ADAADAT solo debut Youth Pixxel. Hurricane predictor and all-round good egg Wade Guice. London casio-grinders Cutting Pink with Knives' albums (Alef, Alef, Alef!, Oh Wow, Populuxxe). earthtone9's missing studio albums: lo-def(inition) discord (1998), off kilter enhancement (1999), hi-point (2000), Omega (2002). A fabric called bemberg. Louis Armstrong's Satchmo Plays King Oliver, Stanley Clarke's Modern Man. Welsh rockers 60 Ft. Dolls. Jake Arnott's He Kills Coppers. Bombscare (EP) by Low. I Never Knew You by Cage. Ben Butler & Mousepad. The Ruby Kid. SCAMS in a bit when they've had more press.

Special new section collecting references about the Smash Mouth #eggchallenge w/r/t including this in the band's article[edit]

"It seems to be just childish nonsense that has no place in an encyclopedia."
"Well, childish nonsense can become encyclopedic if it gets enough attention."