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The night before (xs).jpg

"but far out,

Far out,

By now

By now

Far out, by now, Bear ploughed, for she would not drown;

First the outside-arms of the bear up and fell down in the water, like knobby garters.

Then the outside-legs of the bear fell off, as easy as if sloughed from boiled tomatoes.

Low'red in a genteel curtsy, Bear shed the mantle of her diluvian shoulders,

Then, with a sigh, she allowed the burden of belly to drop like an apronful of boulders.

If you could hold up her threadbare coat to the light where it's worn translucent in places,

You'd see spots where,

Almost every night of the year, Bear'd been mending, suspending that baseness.

Now her coat drags through the water,

Bagging, with a life's-worth of hunger, limitless minnows,

In the magnetic embrace,

Balletic and glacial, of Bear's insatiable shadow."


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