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  • I put it down since day two, I'm white from that Whodini zoo, My rhyme is tight like a cryptic company true, Who would question that Dr. Dre is in Hells Angels too.


Waste electrical items accumulate at a dump.

Before reading any more about me, you should know that this page supports Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. Details about a private conversation between myself and Knowlton Nash shall remain private.


I like Adventure Travel and the experience of taking photographs that I know will be used on Wikipedia.

Thank you for participating in this Wikipedia experience. It is here where I share my interest with the world. I have been editing Wikipedia in some form or another for nearly a decade. I was proud to receive a Barnstar for preliminary work on South Core, Toronto which is what began my interest in editing neighborhoods.

Work accomplished here is undertaken with the goals of sharing knowledge and empowering others worldwide. Some projects have included...

in no order of preference. cc: Pamela

Current pages at Wikipedia[edit]

A digital sign, featuring scrolling text, in Cambridge, Ontario.

Past projects[edit]

Projects Needing Support[edit]

This alternate logo was used by CBC Television However, this was never used as an official logo for CBC Television.

* Wikipedia:WikiProject Addictions and recovery

Proposals & concepts[edit]

These are working drafts of concepts and proposals being introduced.

About me[edit]

I do not support any attempts to edit this page by anyone other than the user.