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Welcome to the page of William Jefferson! I am a geography and history specialist, thus I concentrate my edits and article-writing in those genres. I am a big promoter of learning, Creative Commons, and free and truthful information on the internet; I will try to make my edits and articles on Wikipedia worthwhile, helpful, informative, and truthful.


My ethics as an editor of Wikipedia are as follows:

  • I have a firm belief in warranted information. I don't make edits that are untruthful, and will always do my best to cite reliable sources in my edits and revisions.
  • Like most other Wikipedians, I believe in quality information, and will help structure Wikipedia's articles to have quality content with economical, verified, and useful information.
  • I dislike bias. My goal is to have the least possible bias in my articles and edits. I strive to eliminate bias in existing articles by including multiple viewpoints of controversial issues and conflicts.

My mission as a Wikipedian is to implement the following characteristics to as many Wikipedia articles as I can, while not deleting or heavily "damaging" the state of existing articles:

  • truthfulness
  • accuracy
  • quality content
  • absence of bias

About Me[edit]

I am an avid reader of history and geography information and primary sources. I have recently started making a website dedicated to geography, which will be of completion soon. I have done extensive research on the American Revolution, Civil War, and the Emancipation Proclamation, and have written historical papers on these important eras of history.


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