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I'm a Chinese graduate student in the University of Hong Kong. My major is physical chemistry. I'm interested in science and I find computer programming very interesting.

So far I've made contributions to the Wikipedia in the following languages: en, zh, zh-yue

My contributions.

How to link to word definitions

Wikipedia has a sister project that presents hundreds of thousands of word definitions. It's called Wiktionary. Let's say you are writing a sentence and you want to create a link to the definition of a word, the understanding of which is crucial to understanding that article. But in this hypothetical situation, you don't want to link to the Wikipedia page for that word because doing so would be overkill. So, using our Source Editor, here's how you would provide a link to the definition of "understanding" on Wiktionary:

both [[wiktionary:understanding|]] and [[wikt:understanding|]] will display like this:


and will link to the definition of the word "understanding".

Notice that the "pipe trick" (|) was used in the links above.

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd}}