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XylyX - Xavier Yeran Lister Yuan Xavier

XylyX is prounounced as "Zhai-Liks"

Joined Wikipedia recently. Interests include world history, metal, funk, business administration and books. I am a guitarist. I love Malmsteen, George Lynch, Eric Johnson, McAlpine, Greg Howe and John Petrucci !!!!

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Significant Contributions[edit]

I have added quite a bit of information to the English Wikipedia esp. the history of the near east. I have also created quite a few articles. Significant contributions include -

Sarduri II | Ashurbanipal | Marduk-apal-iddina II | Rusas I of Urartu | Shammuramat | Assur-danin-pal | Shamshi-Adad V | Kizzuwadna | Urartu | Enlil-nadin-apli

Other Interests[edit]

I like music and I am a guitarist. I love Latin music as well as heavy metal and blues-rock.

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heavy metal music.

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My Signature[edit]

Here's my Wiki-signature -