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Hello to all! I have been an active member since 09/06/05, so i am fairly new to all this. I am Welsh although am now resident in London, England. My main interest and passion is music and sound art ( i have B/A in Sonic Art). I have very broad tastes which include: Ligeti, Miles Davis, Aphex Twin, The Stranglers, Gerard Grisey......................The list could go on for a long while.

Other intersts include an appreciation of philosophy, science, gnosticism, martial arts and film. I am very much opposed to scientism. I am also fascinated by cults and how their belief systems develop, i.e Scientology.

If i was to be forced to say what i beleived in it would be Pantheism

Why do i call myself Yakuzai? Well apart from poor spelling i have an absolute fascination with Japan and its culture. I particularly enjoy the films of Takashi Miike and Akira Kurosawa.

Will update this page soon to make it less pretentious and more interesting.

I honor you with the Silver Herring Award for your tireless cooperation on oceanography articles - Uwe Kils

Yakuzai did a great help cooperating on Antarctic krill - Uwe Kils Klönschnack 20:52, Jun 18, 2005 (UTC)