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This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia as of a while ago, but will continue to edit sporadically when possible! ;).
About Yellow1996 ^-^
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These fans – what the hay?!
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Hello everyone, I'm Yellow1996. I registered in 2010 with the idea of working on articles related to video games and manga. However, I lost interest and ended up as a lurker for the better part of 2 1/2 years; generally participating in the video game scope, and XfD. As an infrequent editor, I also monitered and made changes to My Little Pony articles. At the beginning of 2013, I noticed that there was a lot of action at WP:MLP so I decided to join in; and I became a regular user in that scope. Now, however, due to busyness and changes in my life since the past while, I cannot be super active anymore. More like a lurker again. I will still check in when I can in the same areas I was working on before. Thanks, everyone! :)

In addition to working on/monitoring/maintaining MLP-related articles, I also spend time at the Reference Desk, mainly focusing on computing; and I still chime in from time to time at AfD and MfD.

I'm also an advocate for humor pages - I really enjoy BJAODN! ;)

My current signature, .Yellow1996.(ЬMИED¡) , was inspired by Froth; along with some help from One.Ouch.Zero.


I started editing because I feel I can contribute to videogame and manga related articles. ...that's pretty much it.

(This was my original userpage description from 2010)


Note: Vegeta is the one that says "IT'S OVER 9000!" but after his training in later volumes, his power gets way over 9000. (like many other characters) and i don't really feel like editing the userbox, so I put this message in to correct it.

(I didn't know how to edit userboxes back then and I still don't now! ;) )

If anyone is willing to start a page for Mario Paint Composer, I'd be happy to contribute. (or even a page called "List of stand-alone Mario Paint programs" or "Mario Paint spin-offs") (or something like that.)

(See also: WP:V!)