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The Romaunt of LuZhen
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 45


The Romaunt of LuZhen[1][2]is the one of the most popular costume piece in China nowadays. This teleplay narrates the story of LuZhen who lived in Northern Qi Dynasty[3][4], she went to imperial palace as a slave girl to escape the murder. And she was appreciated by the Xiao zhao emperor, and fell in love with his brother Gao Zhan. Lu Zhen's power and status became much greater when she working in the imperial palace, finally Lu Zhen became the female official who can discuss the politics with the male. To escape her cruel stepmother, Lu Zhen enters the palace as an attendant. She was quickly promoted through the ranks for her pottery-making skill. During this time, she captures the heart of crown prince Gao Zhan. However, she can never be with him as social status and jealous enemies work against her at every turn. She devotes herself to politics and helps Gao Zhan defeat a coup d'etat. Though Gao Zhan can not make her his wife, he bestows her with the highest position in the land, the female prime minister.

Cast and characters[edit]

The series borrows many characters, or at least their names.

Main cast[edit]


  • Wu Ying Jie as He Dan Niang
  • Tang Yi Xin (唐艺昕) as Shen Bi
  • Maggie Cheung as Lou Qing Qiang
  • Liu Xue Hua as Lou Zhao Jun
  • Bai Shan as Yu Jiu Lu
  • Wang Lin as Madam Zhao
  • Yue Yao Li as Lu Jia
  • Li Ji Chun (李继春) as Shen Jia Yan
  • Xi Xue as Shen Jia Min
  • Jiang Hong as Wang Xuan
  • Tao Shuai (陶帅) as Yuan Fu
  • Zhang Hao Ran (张浩然) as Yuan Lu
  • Li Wen Wen (李雯雯) as La Mei
  • Li Yi Xiao as Gao Xiang
  • Jin Qiao Qiao as Du Si Yi
  • Madina Memet as Du Mei Er
  • Liu Jia Yuan as Ling Long
  • Lv Jia Rong as Lady of Yue
  • Deng Sha as Princess of Yu Yang
  • Gao Yun Xiang (高云翔) as Xu Xian Xiu
  • Han Dong as Li Cheng

Backgroud of Romaunt of LuZhen[edit]

  • Gao Dan was born in 537, as the fourth of six sons of Eastern Wei's paramount general Gao Huan and his wife Lou Zhaojun (and Gao Huan's ninth son overall). In 544, Gao Huan, in order to try to form an alliance with Rouran, took, as a wife for Gao Dan, a daughter of Rouran's Khan Yujiulü Anluochen, who carried the title of Princess Linhe. At their public wedding ceremony, Gao Dan was said to be appropriate in his actions despite his young age, surprising the guests. He was later created the Duke of Changguang. After the deaths of Gao Huan and Gao Dan's oldest brother Gao Cheng, another brother Gao Yang became regent, and in 550, he had Emperor Xiaojing of Eastern Wei yield the throne to him, ending Eastern Wei and establishing Northern Qi as its Emperor Wenxuan. Gao Dan, as a younger brother to the emperor, was created the Prince of Changguang.
  • Gao Yan was born in 535, as the third of six sons that Gao Huan, then the paramount general of Eastern Wei and the Prince of Bohai, had with his wife Princess Lou Zhaojun, after his older brothers Gao Cheng and Gao Yang, and Gao Huan's sixth son overall. He was said to be intelligent in his childhood, and was much favored by his mother Princess Lou. At age three, in 538, he was created the Duke of Changshan. He was said to be studious, particularly favoring the Book of Han in his studies.


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