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Here are the formatting patterns used for matching auto-generated pages such as years between multiple wikies.
Please correct any errors or add missing information.
Feel free to suggest other pages that should be matched-up.


  • Numbers - regular numerical values. Some wikies have these spelled out (One, Two, Three), others have a standardized format - 1 (num), 2 (num), ...

Month Related[edit]

  • Month Names - all wikies should have a month name page. Also, these names are used in the other lists (below)
  • Days of the Month - What happened on this day in history
  • Month of the Year - Timeline approach - each page describes the events around us, one month at a time.


  • Years - individual year pages - most sites have AD years as a regular number (1976). This creates a conflict with the numerical value pages - Numbers. Please note any exceptions.
  • Decades - some sites treat decade as beginning at 0 (1980s = 1980..1989), while others use more mathematically correct 1 (1980s = 1981..1990). Please make sure you mark which one is used for your site.
  • Centuries
  • Millenniums - Is this kind of pages worth automating? English has 1st/2nd/3rd, some sites spell out the number. There are only 3 AD pages per site, and various number of BC pages... Or am I wrong? (Yurik)

Other Pages[edit]

Any other pages (not categories) that should be auto-matched.


These are some additional auto-matched pages that were suggested. Feel free to suggest new categories or page types, such as Year's births category, hurricanes of the year, etc.