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Albums: Opera Buffa,
Books: Vacca d'un cane, Croniche epafaniche, Cittanova Blues
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Done: Due anni dopo - Quello che non... Ritratti - Stagioni - Parnassius Guccinii
Francesco_Guccini -> [1]]|.it (FINISHED, now at -> )

Damiano Quintieri DONE

List of ACF Fiorentina records and statistics DONE I mean, I'm just finding out I hadn't saved at all in all this time oO.

List of S.S.C. Napoli records and statistics DONE

Now we do some islands! With a randomizer I selected 100 of countries that have islands, I'll do them in the order I was given by the randomness goddess. First ten:
Iceland - Singapore - Tanzania - Antigua - UAE - Pakistan - Chile - Costa Rica - Peru - Portugal.

Kinda tired of this, let's try suggestbot

ICE: Málmey DONE
SNG: Pulau Keppel DONE
TAN: Vundwe Island DONE
ANT: Pelican Island Expanded There was not a single island without an article with adequate sources for an article. -_- UAE: .... WiP

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