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Media Inactivist, Thought Follower, Sit-Down Comic, Social Media Analytics Researcher, Former Boy Genius, Linux Capacity Planner, R Hacker, Mathematician

“M. Edward (Ed) Borasky is, in order of appearance, a boy genius, computer programmer, applied mathematician, folk singer, actor, professional graduate student, armchair astronaut, algorithmic composer, supercomputer programmer, performance engineer, Linux geek, solution in search of a problem and Social Media Non-Guru. His hobby is collecting hobbies.”

I’ve been on the Internet a long time. I had my first personal web site in 1994, and registered my first domain,, in 2001. And I’ve got a lot of interests:

and the underlying technologies: programming languages, applied mathematics and statistics, artificial intelligence, digital signal processing, machine learning, software engineering and high-performance computing. About the only technology I’m not really into is hardware.

Where can you find me?

Some of my projects:

My philosophy: