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faزبان مادری این کاربر فارسی است.
tg-4Корбари мазкур забони тоҷикиро дар сатҳи хуб монанди қариб забони модариаш медонад.
en-3This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
ar-2هذا المستخدم يستطيع المساهمة بالعربية بمستوى متوسط.
de-1Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.

Selected created articles

{{t|c}}This user can use and program conditional templates.
reThis user writes regular expressions to find everything around the house.
C++This user can program in C++.
Python-logo-notext.svgThis user can program in Python.
LuaThis user can program in Lua.
jsThis user can program in JavaScript.
cssThis user can write Cascading Style Sheets.
<html>This user can write HTML.
svgThis user can write SVG.
8bit-dynamiclist.gifThis user really likes old computers.
Fedora logo.This user contributes with Fedora.
TheThinker2.jpgThis user enjoys philosophy.
GodThis user believes in God.
Gnome-applications-science.svgThis user is interested in Chemistry.
Color icon blue.svg This user's favorite color is navy blue.
INTJThis user's MBTI type is INTJ.
gkThis user is a geek.
Autism Awareness Ribbon.pngThis user supports Autism and Asperger's awareness.
UTC+3:30This user's time zone is UTC+3:30.
Admin mop.PNGThis user is an administrator on the Persian Wikipedia. (verify fa)
Crystal Clear action run.svg
This user runs a bot, Z-BOT. It performs tasks that are extremely tedious to do manually.