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  • Contributing since July 2006
  • Userpage created March 2007
  • Last edit December 2008.

Interests: Golf, Paintball, Rocking out.

I enjoy writing new articles and contibuting photographs and occasionally correcting typos. I also collect football stadium pictures, a habit i began while searching for new CM3 backgrounds. My other interests (that i can't find a user box for) is designing Flashpoint missions and MilSim paintball.

I have a university qualification in the field of publishing and I am a trained copy editor and technical author.

Stuff I like
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World War II
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A few things about me
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Articles I have started[edit]

Pasatiempo Golf Club
Reflection Bay Golf Club
La Mongie
Speedbuggy USA -Deleted
Lambertseter stadion
Redheugh Park
Jim Wilson (guitar player)
Sin (album)
The Heavy Soul Experience
13 Violets (album)
Adam West (band)
Grefsen Stadium
Tarbes Pyrénées Football
Ben Bowditch
FK Vidar
KjelsÄs Fotball
Korsvoll IL Fotball
Halden Stadium
Estadio Municipal de Foietes

Articles I have contibuted significantly to[edit]

Buchenwald concentration camp
Bagneres de Luchon
East Stirlingshire F.C.
List of Scottish football stadiums by capacity
Estadio Carlos Tartiere
Manglerud Star Toppfotball
Richard Pacquette
Mother Superior (band)
The Last Vegas
Somerset Park
Scottish Premier Reserve League
VoldslĂžkka Stadium
Porsche 928
Henry Rollins
Arild Stavrum
Skeid Fotball
Stade Maurice Trélut
SR Colmar
ES Wasquehal


am : Scotland
was born in: Orkney
have lived in: France Spain Norway Germany Switzerland Orkney
have visited : Tunisia Greece Italy Austria Croatia Slovenia Portugal Poland Sweden Finland Denmark Belgium Andorra Luxembourg Monaco Netherlands Ireland Wales England Czech Republic Liechtenstein Morocco Shetland Northern Ireland San Marino
going to soon : Cuba Egypt Malaysia Singapore