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(from -- April)

  (from talk:Plasma physics)
  hi April, if you are going to stay around you could maybe change your
  name a bit so people can make comments to you, or welcome you. Welcome
  anyway!! AstroNomer
    * Thanks! What changes would you suggest - is there another April
      running around here? :) Perhaps I could link a personal page to
      the way I usually sign it: -- April
  Welcome April! You're our third self-confessed Massachusettsian (?) :)
  Yes, welcome, April! --LMS
  Hello from Poland to you. Welcome in Wikipedia !    Kpjas 
Thanks, folks! (Actually, I'm a native Marylander, but it's all East Coast US anyhow.) Much appreciate the welcomes. And I apologize for thinking the "I have a Dream" speech was in public domain. DOH! -- April

I recommend merging tectonic plates into plate tectonics. --TheCunctator

You seem to be using a browser or other software that destroys the paragraph breaks in existing articles. Please diagnose this problem before making any more edits on long articles! --LDC

Noticed, thanks. Switched to a different browser and am going through edited articles to revert where necessary. Thanks for those you've already reverted. -- April