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I understand the rule that I'm alleged to have broken. I can't stress enough that my words were taken literally when they should not have been. I am neither representing a group, nor allowing anyone else to use my account.

When I first registered with wikipedia, i read the guidelines for user-pages carefully. I though that I would be able to say non-empirical things on my user page, and I guess I pushed the line. I never expected someone to read it that was outside of my particular field of interest -- had an admin who was familiar with my particular interests seen my page, they would have understood that my page an explicit joke about post-structural ontology.

If you'd like to explore more about post-structural ontology, please see the first chapter of A Thousand Plateaus >

If you don't want to read that chapter, check out the diagrams on this page:

There are two possible reasons why the admin who blocked me would be correct: 1. It is a user account shared by more than one person, or 2. It is a user account USED by one person, but to represent a group of people.

I can honestly say that neither of these possibilities are true. What is the process for proving this?

"User accounts can only represent individuals. Sharing an account – or the password to an account – with others is not permitted, and doing so will result in the account being blocked."

-- I have not broken this rule.

"Accounts that purport to represent an entire group or company are not permitted no matter the name;"

-- Ok, on one hand, I can understand this. (had I seen that before, I would not have written my userpage the way I did). BUT, in my defense, there is no actual group called "ahwoooga", it has never existed. It is my personal email address and handle.

Therefore, I ask that any admin reflect on the following entry from the guide to appealing blocks:

"Wikipedia blocks are usually warnings only, and once over and learned from, unless repeated, they are in the past. Wikipedia and its administrators and arbitration committee have a real wish for everyone who is capable of acting responsibly to be able to enjoy editing."

In that spirit, I will happily change the wording on my userpage to be clearer: this account represents an individual (me), not a group. Please see that this is a case of mistaken encroachment on a rule of which i was not aware. Similarly, it is a case of misunderstanding (the problem exists only if we assume conditions exist that actually don't). I

I'm working on getting a reputable person to vouch for me from this group, to which i belong:

Please reconsider the block denial (or, at least describe what I would have to do to prove it)


I've unblocked you. Please modify your userpage to more clearly indicate that you are a single individual and that the 'collective' is metaphorical.

Sorry for the inconvenience. DS (talk) 19:56, 19 January 2012 (UTC)

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