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Welcome to the Anarchism task force, a subproject of WikiProject Philosophy.

The mission of the Anarchism Task Force is to find and identify all substantive topics in anarchism and expand the Wikipedia coverage of those topics.

The task force concerns itself with all articles related to the philosophical tradition of modern and contemporary anarchism, and seeks to be as broad in its coverage as it is in its depth. It concerns itself with various branches and concepts in anarchist theory; anarchist publications, art, and literature; anarchist influence on culture, sub-culture, and counterculture; the global history of anarchism throughout different eras and regions; and biographical articles about notable anarchist activists and philosophers.


The Anarchism Task Force actively assesses articles and lists pertaining to anarchism in order to record the progress of its mission. Articles are assessed according to the project-wide grading scheme to pinpoint articles in need of improvement and to celebrate those of high encyclopedic value and quality.

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The Anarchism Task Force sees that all anarchism articles are properly categorized, and that these categories are accurate, up-to-date, and streamlined for ease of use. This ensures that readers can easily research topics of interest.

The Anarchism Portal
Anarchism Portal

The task force also works to maintain and improve the Anarchism Portal, with the mission of increasing accessibility to high quality anarchism-related content. The Portal is intended as a front page for Wikipedia's anarchism coverage, and should aid the reader in navigating the articles. It should also draw attention to current events and some of Wikipedia's best anarchism articles.

The task force supports the Portal primarily by ensuring that it has a ready supply of high-quality content to showcase.