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YSSO - Youth Social Service Organisation[edit]

Youth Social Service Organisation is whole heartedly committed to fight against Climate Change or Global Warming, the greates threat humanity is facing today.The purpose of YSSO's existence isthis great cause. When we look around we see the danger of global warming not only in some isolated countries or one or two continents but also all around the world. We see signs and symptoms of severe threat to even human existence in some areas like changing see levels, changing temperature , expansion of deserts in the sub tropics, retreat of glaciers etc. Nature also exhibits critical phenominons like heat waves, droughts, heavy rain fall, extinction of somespecies. Youth Social Service Organisation or YSSO inshort, is an association of socially committed people with big dreams and projects. Though it either undertakes or participate in many social problems , its current field of operation is action against global warming, and the resultant climate change. YSSO has a close knit organizational set up which enables it to either undertake or participate in programs which promote environmental harmony.

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