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Before editing or deleting/reverting my contributions, please take just a moment to read my user page: ChinchX (talk · contribs)

If you feel that there is a problem or issue with anything I have added or edited, by all means, voice your concerns below.

Sempiternal (album)[edit]

dont need to be an asshole when you edit ;)

  • Haha... I'm usually quite friendly, but the way I took the previous "correction" was that the editor was being condescending to the original poster. That, paired with the ironic fact that he had made the exact same mistake that he was calling the original guy out on— the editor said "that's the WRONG thing, this is the OFFICIAL one". As it turned out, the one that he posted wasn't the official one, either. To me, it made him seem self-righteous, while being in the wrong. In retrospect, I have reviewed the edit comments, and the comment in question (his) didn't seem quite as biting as it did at the time. In that, I suppose you are correct. I must have been in a different mind state to interpret it as insulting. In my only defense, I will just say that my intentions weren't to "be an asshole"— I only intended to defend the original poster by pointing out that the editor was no more correct than the fellow that he was antagonizing. I can be man enough to admit that I should have ignored any perceived implications and simply posted the info with a neutral comment. Thanks for having the balls call me out on it, at least. I'll keep this in mind in the future.


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House Of Gold & Bones (comics)[edit]

Hey! Sure :)

Clauses like "sees creator and writer Corey Taylor spear-heading into the world of comics" don't follow encyclopedic tone (specifically 'spear-heading into the world of comics'). Have the mass of comic books in existence somehow achieved enough mass to constitute a solar satellite when I wasn't looking? :P. Other problematic sentences include things like "The comic series is more telling and obvious in its presentation of an actual plot line for the House of Gold & Bones, introducing specific characters and delving into the concepts and ideas which the double album and other media outlets have so far, merely "hinted" at, yet have not exposed any substantial concrete imagery or a definitive plot line." - this is, strictly-speaking, prrrobably fine in tone, but it needs a citation. Without it it's just original research and hypothesising. Ironholds (talk) 13:55, 12 June 2013 (UTC)