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-- 12:12, 4 March 2006 (UTC)


I appologised for my earlier edit, I have repaired it myself, so how can you accuse me of being POV? I assure you I'm not POV or particularly pro Partisan or nationalist (I am disgusted by the ideology in fact), but I have read several artices on the matter and found them infested with very strong anti-Yugoslav and, indeed, anti-Slavic POV. In some there are even hints of revanchism and irredentism. On Wikipedia, no less! I'm afraid I cannot stand for that. DIREKTOR


Ciao, ho segnalato il vandalo DIREKTOR a un'amministratrice ma sto tizio continua a vandalizzare e ripristinare le sue versioni. Puoi segnalarlo a un amministratore per bloccarlo? Si può anche segnalare nella pagina dei 3R ossia 3 ripristini in meno di 24 ore e il suo blocco è assicurato: io non sono proprio padrone della lingua inglese e potrei non farmi capire. Ciao, LEO 15 July

This guy[edit]

This guy is incapable of constructively debating on the article (in the interest NPOV) so he just keeps insulting me, reverting my edits and asking people to tell the admins to ban me... If it wasen't funny it would be sad. I am sure that anyone capable of actually reading my edits would not call me a vandal. I may be POV sometimes, despite my efforts, I've never been called a "vandal". He is heavily POV and incapable of editing the english Wikipedia. He already pesonally attacked me on several occasions and went unpunished. Fact is, I probably know a lot more Italian than he knows English and I'd never go and edit the Italian Wikipedia. DIREKTOR Also, he violated the 3 edit rule.

Please help...[edit]

I totally agree (with adhereing to Wikipedia policy you mentioned on my talk page). One thing, can you talk to this guy, this LEO, can you ask him to do something about his incomprehension of English so we can actually debate like normal people?

I did ignore him the first several days, he's surprisingly persisitent. I still can't believe I lost my nerve... Now the articles in question are partially blocked so the issue appears to have been settled for the time being. DIREKTOR

Italian partisans in the foibas?[edit]

What? What would 'Italian' partisans be doing in Istria? Is this, by any chance, some Italian way to explain the (YUGOSLAV) Partisan uniforms found in the foibas? Because, if it is, I will not have it! The Partisans found there, were Yugoslavian, killed by the Germans in 1943 (before Italian resistance even existed)! Read up on that before you post such propaganda. DIREKTOR 11:51, 25 July 2007 (UTC)

Right, ok, sorry about that, but please reference this claim before returning it to the article. I have read several (non-Yugoslav) books on the issues and have found no mention of these Italian partisan casualties. I doubt Tito would kill fellow communists, but if you find a (non-biased, i.e., non-Italian, non-Yugoslav) source then fine. DIREKTOR 12:12, 25 July 2007 (UTC)

Italian partisans in foibas? There were some partisans platoons of minorities (under the supreme command of partisan forces of Croatia, part of Yugoslav partisans' forces), including the Italian one. Some of Croatian Italians have also been there, but in other, not "specially Italian" platoons. Don't mix them with Italian brigades (formerly of Mussolini's army) that joined Tito's army.
Let's return to those small ones. It's most likely that those Italian partisans were from those above, and they ended in carst caves after the sweeping antiguerilla action of Rommel's forces in Istria in 1943 (if I remember well). The partisan movement on Istria was totally and thoroughly shaken then, almost whole partisan activity was annihilated there, and Istria was cruelly pacified. After that action, there were so many corpses on Istrian landscape, and because of urgent need of prevention of appearing of deadly diseases and shortage of time and personnel that'd bury killed persons, all bodies were simply dumped into the caves. Bye, Kubura (talk) 10:00, 20 February 2008 (UTC)

Italian non-Communist partisans[edit]

Interesting topic. I admit, very interesting.
Also, were there some Italians in Communist partisans, but "not under the roof of Tito's army" (on the territory, of, Tito's area of interest, let's say... areas of Italian NE border before WWI and before WWII)?
It could be very possibly that Tito's forces tolerated no competition. You know: "Either you are with us, or against us." However, there was an option to join Tito's forces (tough way, someone always kept an eye on those, however, many people of many nationalities), there was an amnesty possibility during the time of war. Did those used that possibility? Also, during tough times in war, some militias used possibility of cooperation, but, as the end of war was imminent, Communist leadership has shown its "tolerance". Kubura (talk) 14:52, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

Direktor and his many forums[edit]

Hi. This message is to inform you that the forumer Direktor is a well know propagandist of tito-style propaganda on the internet. He has been banned from other forums because of his harrassment against italians in Istria and Dalmatia. He has used other nicknames and WRITES ALWAYS IN A SYNCHRONIZED GROUP WITH OTHERS, who support him. He always writes to be of distant italian roots in order to obtain support for his harrassments (he often identifies Italians in Dalmatia with fascists), and writes even to be a "not nationalist" while he fanatically promotes the Tito Yugoslavia with many lies and deceits. An Italian forumer born in Istria. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 19:10, 30 July 2007


Leggendo questo messaggio dalla prima frase sai la ossessiva intenzione di DIREKTOR -We can always use support against radical Serb (četnik) and (especially) Italian theses in Wikipedia-: sto tizio agisce in gruppo contro supposte e immaginarie tesi italiane. Dunque DIREKTOR è un troll. PIO, 11 set 2007 —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 06:33, 11 September 2007 (UTC)


As I have told: I don't care for some irrelevant right-wing figures. my concern are those who are on power. If the member of executive powers do something or say something then it is relevant. We don't care too much about Menia's statements so far.

But , if he came to power then .... it would be a huge problem. --Anto (talk) 18:47, 11 April 2008 (UTC)