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Promotion on Canad Inns[edit]

bsd. Hi! I saw you reverted an edit of promotional nature on Canad Inns by user Winnie Pegger. I had reverted only the logo, because I don't have the expertise to assess promotion. Said user is back, reverting part of the reverts, including the logo, which by all appearances is the exact same as on their website. (By the way, these two edits are his only ones). I think the page should be reverted to before his fist edit, as nothing of significance has been added, besides for his edits. Do you have experience dealing with this kind of improper editing? Thank you. --Ben Stone 21:05, 4 October 2018 (UTC)

Benstown, i've reverted the edit and warned the user about promotion. Feel free to be WP:BOLD in reverting nonconstructive or promotional edits! Galobtter (pingó mió) 13:07, 5 October 2018 (UTC)
Thank you! --Ben Stone 14:12, 5 October 2018 (UTC)
Hi Ben Stone & Galobtter! I'm not promoting Canad Inns, simply updating the information that's wrong. For example, if you go to their website - the company's logo is trademarked & is different from the one posted on Wikipedia, which is why I deleted it in the first place. I would think making constructive edits to a page so the information is factual for the public would be welcome here. - Winnie Pegger (talk) 18:56, 11 October 2018 (UTC)
Winnie Pegger, then why have you removed all the litigation while inserting puff as in here? The logo doesn't look different and one can update the logo instead of removing it. Galobtter (pingó mió) 19:05, 11 October 2018 (UTC)

Thanks very very very much[edit]

Thanks for your welcome and for your help in the mess around the mistake done a couple of weeks ago with the voice "Italian colonists in Albania". I am going to try to create asap the voice "Italians in Albania". Thanks again.--Esauster (talk) 18:36, 11 October 2018 (UTC)

Esauster Good luck with that! Galobtter (pingó mió) 18:39, 11 October 2018 (UTC)

A Barnstar for you![edit]

Mediator Barnstar Hires.png

I award to Galobtter the "Mediator Barnstar" because he served very well as a mediator between heated debates on the talk pages of articles and users, related to the voices "Italians in Albania" & "Italian colonists in Albania". --Esauster (talk) 23:09, 11 October 2018 (UTC)

A Dobos torte for you![edit]

Dobos cake (Gerbeaud Confectionery Budapest Hungary).jpg 7&6=thirteen () has given you a Dobos torte to enjoy! Seven layers of fun because you deserve it.

To give a Dobos torte and spread the WikiLove, just place {{subst:Dobos Torte}} on someone else's talkpage, whether it be someone you have had disagreements with in the past or a good friend.

Thank you very much. 7&6=thirteen () 14:45, 14 October 2018 (UTC)

C.C.P. Contact Probes[edit]

Hi Galobtter,

you recently declined the Wikipedia draft on the Taiwanese company C.C.P. Contact Probes saying, it doesn't have enough independent sources. I am a bit puzzled: The article cites several independent sources for every statement made. Sources are recognized Data networks such as Bloomberg or Reuters. The company is stock listed, therefore its annual report is also done by an independent auditor: PWC. It also cites buyers (Siemens) and Distributers. Could you be more concrete which kind of sources would qualify and which aspects of the article are not sufficiently documented

Thank you in advance!Jole222 (talk) 04:06, 15 October 2018 (UTC)

Please see WP:CORPDEPTH, and the Wikipedia:Notability_(organizations_and_companies)#Examples_of_trivial_coverage; all the sources in the article are examples of trivial coverage, even if they may be technically independant; while for an article to be notable it must have substantial coverage. Galobtter (pingó mió) 04:51, 15 October 2018 (UTC)
Hi Galobtter, thank you for your prompt response. I have added some other sources. Would you mind, taking a look? I am also wondering why a stock listed company with a revenue of over 60mio USD wouldn't be automatically notable. A public company should fulfill this "notability criterion" automatically.Jole222 (talk) 07:27, 15 October 2018 (UTC)
See WP:WHYN for why an article requires such coverage. A public company needs to rise above the average as Wikipedia is not a directory of all public companies but an encyclopaedia. Galobtter (pingó mió) 07:49, 15 October 2018 (UTC)