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Da Ya (Chinese: 鬼鬼; pinyin: pinyin: Dà Yá]])is a singer, actress, and a host. She is currently in the Taiwanese girl band Hey Girl.


Name: 大牙 / Da Ya Real name: 周怡君 / Zhou Yi Jun Profession: Actress, singer, and host Birthdate: 1984-Oct-21 (24) Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 170cm Weight: 48kg Star sign: Libra Chinese zodiac: Rat Blood type: A


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She sings in a group call Hey Girl also as knownHei Se Hui Mei Mei. She is the leader in Hey Girl. She also sings with the Lollipop.

Tong Tong, one of their singers split away from their group due to miscommunications with their leader, Da Ya whom seem to have been having an alleged affair with her boyfriend.Tong Tong reports that she began cutting herself during this stressful time. She's currently working for Momo Kids, a Taiwanese television company featuring children's programming.

Tv Shows[edit]

Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan (StarTV, 2008) Wayward Kenting (PTS, 2007) Brown Sugar Macchiato (FTV, 2007) Angel Lover (StarTV, 2006)

Tv Shows Theme Songs[edit]

Lollipop & Hei Se Hui Mei Mei - Ku Cha, Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007) Hei Se Hui Mei Mei - Hello Ai Qing Feng, Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007) Lollipop & Hei Se Hui Mei Mei - Hei Tang Xiu, Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007)


Education: Okazaki Arts School (Taipei, Taiwan) Music group: Hey Girl (formerly known as "Hei Se Hui Mei Mei")

External Links[edit]

Da Ya's Blog ( Chinese Wikipedia _______________________________________________________________________________________________


Shining Star[edit]



There is two sisters, Ah Xing and Ah Ling. When they were 15 years old their dad died because of a heart transplation. He couldn't find anyone so he died. Ah Xing is a month older then Ah Ling. Their mom been worry about them because she doesn't want the disease to go to them and what had happen to their father. Will Ah Xing and Ah Ling get the disease or they will not? Will one of them die or both if they will have the disease?


  • As Ah Xing
  • As Ah Ling
  • As Dong Hae(Ah Xing boyfriend)
  • As Da Wang Jiro(Ah Ling Boyfriend)
  • As Mom


  • As Teacher
  • As Nurse
  • As Doctor
  • As Dad(episode 1)


  • As Xiao Feng
  • As HaNa
  • As Kimsoong
  • As Nick
  • As peter
  • As Xiao Hao
  • As JoongNae

Production credits[edit]

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