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Hello, Jagwar, and welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are some pages that you might find helpful:

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Please sign your messages on discussion pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically insert your username and the date. If you need help, check out Wikipedia:Questions, ask me on my talk page, or ask your question on this page and then place {{helpme}} before the question. Again, welcome!

Venez? Vaaarr (talk) 23:19, 2 July 2010 (UTC)

Malagasy pronunciations[edit]

Hello, Jagwar.

I see that you added the IPA to the Malagasy phrases at Malagasy language. I was wondering if you could help me with the IPA I've added to Madagascar-related articles.

I've set up a template, {{IPA-mg}}, for transcribing Malagasy. Currently it's just a redirect, but if you take a look at what links to it, here, you'll find about 40 articles so far that have Malagasy transcriptions.

I'm using a different set of conventions that you have, based on the sources I have available. Would you mind, though, checking to see that I didn't get anything ridiculously wrong? Here are some of the problems I expect:

  • Dropping a vowel when I shouldn't
  • Keeping a vowel which should be dropped
  • Not marking a devoiced vowel
  • Stressing the wrong syllable
  • Reducing /a/ to [ə] when it has secondary stress and should be [a]
  • Mistaking /ŋ/ for /n/

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. If we get enough transcriptions for it to be worthwhile, we can set up an IPA key for Malagasy the way we do for other languages, such as at {{IPA-haw}} (WP:IPA for Hawaiian) for Hawaiian.

Also, since you're a native speaker, if you are able to upload sound files, that would be a wonderful resource. I'm thinking of, say, contrasting sa - si, ja - ji, tra - tri, ndra - ndri etc., since those sounds do not exist in English, as well as basic words such as Repoblikan'i Madagaskara and Antananarivo.

If you don't have the time, never mind! — kwami (talk) 00:32, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

Hi Jagwar,
Thanks for your help.
[tᵃ] wouldn't be [t] followed by voiceless [ɐ], but [t] modified with the articulation of regular [a]. The ring is the symbol for voicelessness. We can always change [ə̥] to [ɐ̥] if you think that's closer.
My impression was that /s/ is sometimes [s], sometimes [ʃ], but is generally [ʃ] next to /i/. So you're saying that's wrong, that it's a normal [s], but palatalized like we get in Russian? Or is it variable regardless of whether it's palatalized?
I've also added IPA to Vazimba and several animal articles. It would be good to get the major politicians and historical figures, as well as the rest of the List of cities in Madagascar. Is that s.t. you'd like to do? (If I do it, it will just need to be corrected, but I won't get there right away.)
Oh, I'd like to change e.g. [a'mba] to [am'ba], if you don't mind, because it will be easier for most people to read. Would there be any difference between those sequences in Malagasy?
I'm confused on one point: Since Antsiranana is written with an , shouldn't it have a [ŋ] in it? — kwami (talk) 18:03, 18 November 2010 (UTC)
Thanks again, — kwami (talk) 17:47, 18 November 2010 (UTC)
Ah, here's an important one, since it's being reviewed for 'Good Article' status: Cuisine of Madagascar. Lots of transcriptions. I did my best, but I'm sure there are errors. (The IPA was already there, but it was a Malagasy-English hybrid.) — kwami (talk) 19:18, 18 November 2010 (UTC)


Hi Jagwar, Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give on the Malagasy IPA initiative. I just had a look at your user page and think we might have a lot of common interests. I'm on the West Coast (US) for now but have Malagasy family and friends in Tana (I've lived there off and on for a combined two years since 1999) and have been working on improving the coverage of Malagasy cultural and historical topics in the English-language wikipedia. I'm also a big fan of the food (hence the article) and set up the Malagasy recipe video page at I have a doctoral degree in international development education policy (my dissertation was on teacher training for democratization and civic ed in Mada) and work on education development initiatives overseas. I'd love to know more about you - what country you're based in, the field you work in, and how you came to master so many languages (!). Respectfully yours, Lemurbaby (talk) 20:46, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

Merina Kingdom vs Kingdom of Madagascar[edit]

Hi Jaguar, Thanks for adding the full Malagasy name of Imerina on the Merina Kingdom article. I've been reflecting for a while how to best talk about the historic Merina rulers here and I'd love your opinion. Right now we have this article that someone else created, called "Merina Kingdom". Kingdom of Madagascar redirects to it, and so does Imerina. But the article talks about the kingdom from 1787 to 1897, and excludes all the history of Imerina. At minimum there should be discussion about the sovereigns from Andriamanelo forward, I think, because that's the period when the Kingdom of Imerina was established. The question for me is, should we have one article or two? Ideally, in my opinion, in the article on Kingdom of Imerina there should be discussion of geographic boundaries/features, cultural characteristics etc, and history of the Kingdom. If there is only one article, the discussion would include the later period (1787-1897). Otherwise, I would say that we could create a second article called "Kingdom of Madagascar" (or "Kingdom of Greater Madagascar" to emphasize that not the entire island was unified) to describe this later period and distinguish it from Imerina as a culturally "homogenous" polity. It just seems confusing and misleading to continue to call it the Kingdom of Imerina when it eventually incorporated so many other peoples besides the Merina and expanded so far outside of its historic boundaries. While Kingdom of Madagascar is hardly accurate, it's common to see this written because historically the Merina kings/queens called themselves rulers of Madagascar, not rulers of Imerina. Thoughts? Lemurbaby (talk) 20:16, 15 October 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for replying on my talk page. It looks like our thoughts align exactly. We need to have separate pages for Kingdom of Madagascar and Kingdom of Imerina.
I'm thinking for the sake of simplicity, when the Kingdom of Imerina was divided by Andriamasinavalona, we should keep that discussion in the Kingdom of Imerina article but eventually create another article called something like "Fragmentation of the Kingdom of Imerina" or "18th century division of Imerina" or maybe the appropriate Malagasy terms ("Imerina efa-toko" or something else?) that readers of the Kingdom of Imerina article can go to for more information about the various rulers of each of the four provinces.
I'm also wondering whether we need a separate page for "Central Highlands", since this one covers the geographic and physical/environmental features of the region. It's currently a stub. It kind of makes sense to me to keep that article and further develop it, then make sure all the places that link to it are really going there to provide more info about the geographic features and not the historical/cultural information. That way both the Kingdom of Imerina and Kingdom of Madagascar articles can have links to the Central Highlands article. Thank you again for weighing in on this. -- Lemurbaby (talk) 03:27, 18 October 2011 (UTC)

Two questions[edit]

Hi Jagwar, it was fascinating reading about the process of your development of the Malagasy Wictionary and Wikipedia. It's incredible what one dedicated and altruistic person with initiative and the right combination of knowledge can do for the benefit of others. I have a couple of questions for you.

1) I'm thinking of developing the article on Malagasy language with some of the resources I own, including books with a linguistic focus. But I'm no linguist, and I want to be sure I don't make mistakes. Would you be interested / willing to work with me on it to ensure the final article is complete and correct?
2) Would you mind if we get in touch by email or maybe on Facebook? I have an idea I wanted to discuss with you off WP. Lemurbaby (talk) 04:24, 26 April 2013 (UTC)
Hi Lemurbaby, thank you for your comment on the blog.
To respond your first question, I am very interested in working with you on the Malagasy language article. I am sure your addition to the English language article aboout Malagasy language will be very interesting as well as your past -- and of very high quality -- contributions on Madagascar-related articles.
If you want to contact me just send me a mail by using the email user function of the English Wikipedia (it didn't enable it here, I don't know why...). Best regards, Jagwar - (( talk )) 12:37, 27 April 2013 (UTC)
I sent you an email, looking forward to your thoughts. Lemurbaby (talk) 04:27, 30 April 2013 (UTC)
Hi Jagwar, I hope you got my email a while back. We've missed the application deadline for this year, but if you'd like to be considered for next year just let me know. I'm happy to give you more details on how it all works. I realize it might seem weird to be "head-hunted" in this way, but for this type of opportunity nominations are only ever made by people like me who come into contact with people I think would be good candidates. Members of the band AmbondronA were selected by my colleagues a couple of years ago for this opportunity, and every year there are more. I think the work you've done to bring Malagasy language articles to Wikipedia deserves recognition. In the meantime, I'm hoping to get started on the Malagasy language article while in Washington DC in October. Hope to be in touch soon. Best, Lemurbaby (talk) 16:27, 8 September 2013 (UTC)
Hi, I've got your mail a few months ago, and replied it. You can consider me for next year. About it, I have one question: am I obliged to fill the nomination form in the US embassy of my country of citizenship? If the case, I won't be able to fill it, unless I can do it in an US embassy in my country of residence (France). The academic year has started so I'll be quite busy for the next 3 months. On Wiki, I am currently on mg.wikipedia doing some article translation and on Wiktionary helping the Tamil language community with my programming skills. Despite all this, I'll still try to find the time to do some work the article, your collaboration and recommendation will be welcome. Again, thank you for your interest in Madagascar. Jagwar - (( talk )) 17:52, 11 September 2013 (UTC)

You've got mail![edit]

Hello, Jagwar. Please check your email; you've got mail!
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