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Edits to Khalistan Page[edit]

Dear LeRAM

I am increasingly alarmed at the the distortion of Sikh topics by Indian Nationalists. If you look at the article there are allegations that Sikhs that want an Independant country from India are all Pakistani agents or terrorists. The article has several allegations of terrorism added, there is a seperate article on Indian terrorism to discuss these.The overall article has been edited in a way as an attack on Pakistan using Sikh topics.

Information about Sikh Independance and human rights violations even when referenced  are speedily deleted by most of the Indian editors on Wikipedia such as, Utcursch. There seems to be an editors war between Indians and Pakistanis and Sikh topics are being caught up in this.

The discussion are has racist remarks such as the word Khalsa (a term that is applied to othodox Sikhs) means laughter which is without foundation.

Another site which has Indian nationalist editors distorting is

Please can ensure that fair editing is restored on this, a few editors have tried to do this but are overruled. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Singhls (talkcontribs) 19:07, 18 February 2008 (UTC)

Hi LeRam, The article also seems to cover Air India bombing (which has a seperate page)and not Khalistan.Please could you remove this as once again trying to link Sikhs with terroism . Unfortunately th Indian editor Utcursch is supporting this and reverts as soon as it is changed.The case for Khalistan is similar to Kosovo being discussed at the moment in the news. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Singhls (talkcontribs) 07:18, 19 February 2008 (UTC)

Edits to Khalistan Page II[edit]

Hello LeRAM,

Just want to correct above.

If India is a Terrorost state against Sikhs or Hindus or anyone else, then why does it have a Sikh PM? ie Dr Manmohan Singh The article on Indian Terrorism is futile, its like having one on Japanese Terrorism or American Terrorism, India is the largest democratic country in the world and by its nature would not support any theocracy within its framework, because to do so would be against its very own constitution. It is in the news for many economic reasons such as attracting huge corporate companies from America and EU in areas like software engineering.

As you know I am not a supporter of religious fanaticism, but with Wikipedia being a free voice for all and sundry, it does attract some extreme Sikh funadamentalist views that share the same ideology as say suicide bombers or ethnic cleansing, and many contributors feel that such extremist views need to be monitored and are not used to incite terrorism under UK law.

Secondly Khalistan has no parallel to Kosovo, Kosovo is in the news but any news from the Indian sub-continent on similar matters is either from Burma or Pakistan.

Originally, it was claimed that the word 'Khalsa' is derived from Persian, I pointed out that the word Khalsa in Persian transliterates to the word 'empty', you can verify this using any online Persian dictionary, so I was pointing out that the origins of the word, which incidentally is only mentioned once in the SGGS (The Holy Book of the Sikhs), meaning pure actions.

The sentences referring to the terrorist acts of the bombing of Flight 182 are related to methods used by Khalistan supporters, but no terrorist like bad press, but one man was convicted and was a supported Khalistan terrorism.

Thank you

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