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Edits to Art[edit]

I removed that section mainly because the material was unsourced and sounded like original research (see WP:OR). These statements

  • "One owner put the painting up for auction on eBay because it so frightened her children."
  • "It is known as the eBay Haunted Painting."
  • "Although the story behind the painting is less sensational than Internet lore indicates, the emotional impact the painting and the story have had on people around the world is undeniable."
  • "Stoneham has received an outpouring of emotional correspondence since the eBay auction, that ranges from healthy self-examination to demented rantings."

are all unsupported claims. Where is the proof in all this? How is "the emotional impact the painting and the story have had on people around the world" "undeniable"? How could that even be accurately measured? As this is an encyclopedia, only neutral and verifiable facts can be included. Also, if you are related to Bill Stoneham, as your user name suggests, there may be a conflict of interest. Please see WP:COI. I apologize for not addressing this in the talkpage for Art as this would have made my editing decisions more apparent. I suggest you address this issue on Talk:Art to see what other editors have to say. This would be the proper procedure. Thank you. Freshacconci 11:54, 13 June 2007 (UTC)