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Hello, Pianotech. You have new messages at Krazycev13's talk page.
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Thank you for the welcome. I do plan on staying. My time will be contributed in small doses, so it may take me a while to get up to speed. I appreciate your patience. Syakoban (talk) 17:06, 25 July 2010 (UTC)

You are very welcome. Wikipedia is a pretty cool place to be, especially when everyone works together. :) If I can be of help in any way, feel free to ask. I certainly don't have all the answers, but what I know I'll be glad to help with. Happy editing! Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 17:22, 25 July 2010 (UTC)

"Harris Levey" has moved to Mainspace! with re-directs :)

Thanks for your many timely and thoughtful efforts PianoTech. Initial mission accomplished because fo yrou vlaued input and diligence (and excellent communicaion/instructional skills. Now I have to work at it more to ad verification to the Ad vertising section and do more (see my coments to Old English about this as I woudl welcome yoru further input when you have the chance to make it even better! Let's stay in touch. Jonathan Levey 23:45, 29 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Congratulations! And thank you for the kind words; I was glad to help, as I'm sure was OlEnglish. Now the article is live and looking very good. OE left some good comments about referencing, etc., which will keep you busy polishing up. I'll be sure to contribute when I can and look forward to it! Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 23:54, 29 July 2010 (UTC)

Fantastic! I believe you may be working on the article as we speak! ;) someone took the inistiative to make some links to key words (ie. "Still Lifes") to help define them... was that you?  :) Do you think the current footnote system works for my article or should I be somehow creating a section of relevant links instead? ... or both???! ? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs) 23:58, 29 July 2010 (UTC)

Definitely keep both references and links! And actually, that wasn't me who created the links, which means others are now helping too. :) Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 00:29, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

URGENT: PIANOTECH: Your help is needed to tell me if the following sentence of my Harris Levey article is too subjective (or not): "...It is worthwhile to note that as a teenager, prior to serving in the war, Harris had worked briefly as an assistant to theatrical magician, "Dante", and that this experience may have served as a reference for some of his Lando drawings)." PLEASE ADVISE, asap. Now that the article is in Mainspace, I am concerned that any text that does not conform to the Wiki rules (ie. in this case subjectivity, and in other cases, conflict of interest since I am close to the person I am writing about), may be immediately reported , or even worse, removed! If someone wants to dispute change or delete something I wrote, to they have to warn me first out of courtesy? Again, please advise. I will try to spend more time on the weekends learning about all the rules and regulations to post on Wikipedia, but for now, your opinion and suggestions are both timely and greatly appreciated (...but yo know that! ;) While yo are at it, PianoTech, perhaps yo can re-read the latest text of the entire article to verify if any of this text is too subjective or presents as being too personal or a conflict of interest. Then let me know so I can fix it --or feel free to fix it yourself (then let me know). If yo feel I should pose this same question/request to Old English, let me know and I will do so, as the two of you make for a great wiki editorial team. But perhaps you are comfortable and confident to respond to my concerns without "bothering" the two of you ;) I look forward to hearing from you asap Jonathan Levey 03:25, 30 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Relax! I think the article is sufficiently sourced and referenced so as not to encounter any problems with reference or conflict of interest warnings. The sentence you refer to sounds absolutely neutral to me, so definitely not a problem with bias. I think in that case the worst someone would do is put a {{cn}} tag, which will do this: [citation needed] if even that is done. I also would think that if OlEnglish did not feel the same way, he wouldn't have moved the article to mainspace yet. Take your time improving the article a little at a time at this point; it's a good article and I don't anticipate your having any problems or being challenged. Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 12:18, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for you rre-assurance PianoTech. I was take a rest for a while and work on it in the weekends to come. Your help really made a difference. In fact, if you had not have asked OE to hold off, it woudl have been deted from the very start! :) Kindly check on this article over the nexxt few weeks, from time to time, if your schedule allows, to ensure that it remains in good shape and (hopefully)continues to evolve in a postive direction. Jonathan Levey 13:15, 30 July 2010 (UTC)


Dear PianoTech. It is 9pm (est), Friday night, and I had just spent a good solid hour revising some of my article's text --all sections from the Post War DC Comics section down.

Then, when I tried to upload my many changes, I received a warning message from Wiki telling me that there was a Conflict in Editing situation. I was concerned that if I tried to rectify the situation as per Wiki instructions (comparing the upper and lower texts and making a merge), so instead I copied and saved my revised text in my Word files, then exited off the page (causing all my recent changes to be lost.

I was hoping that this procedure would ensure that whoever was making changes to my article at the same time, would not lose their hard work. Not sure if I succeeded with this objective. Hope so. I went into my watched pages and saw that it was yo that had made changes:

  1. (diff | hist) . . Harris Levey‎; 00:19 . . (+4) . . Pianotech (talk | contribs) (wikify Stan Lee)
  2. (diff | hist) . . m Harris Levey‎; 00:18 . . (0) . . Pianotech (talk | contribs) (minor copy editing)
  3. (diff | hist) . . Harris Levey‎; 00:16 . . (+5) . . Pianotech (talk | contribs) (wikify DeWitt Clinton and the Bronx. )

I hope that these changes were maintained (not lost!). Please verify and let me know. In the meantime, I then cut and pasted my changes into their relevant sections, again, concerned that when I saved these changes the recent editorial efforts made by you might be lost.

I remain hopeful that the full article is in tact and includes both of our sets of changes. Please review the situation and advise. I I did delete your changes, I sincerely apologize. If this is the case, I hope it is not too much trouble for yo to re-do. As always, I remain deeply appreciative of your ongoing efforts towards enhancing my article. Jonathan Levey 01:11, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

No problem! My changes were very minor, Wikifying Stan Lee and DeWitt Clinton, etc. I'll redo them when I get a chance. :) Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 01:13, 31 July 2010 (UTC)
Actually, the minor changes I made are still there, so no worries at all! Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 01:16, 31 July 2010 (UTC)
       Phew!  Glad to know your changes have remained... after all, your time is valuable too.

And at the rates you charge, I do not wish to be billed "overtime" !!  ;)

How do you like the latest set of changes I made ie. adding the Post War section on Painting, and additional info? Also, in the very last section (Final Years), in the very last sentence, if I modified it to read: "...He is survived by his wife (Elinor Seidl) and two grown sons (Theodore and Jonathan Levey)."

...Do you think that adding my brother's and my name would make it a Conflict of Interest? My reason for adding our names would not be self-promotion, but instead, I would hope that if any comic of advertising buffs wish to know more about the life and achievements of Harris Levey, then if they see our names, they could always google us and track us down to ask any relevant questions. Does this make sense? Would it risk being seen as a COI? Do you think I should leave our names out or put them into the article? Please advise. Jonathan Levey 01:27, 31 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

I don't see it as a COI myself, since you are simply stating facts. Had you said something like "...he is survived by two extraordinarily talented sons..." etc, in a way that was embellishing them, then that would be different. :) However, at the same time I'm not sure that information is encyclopedic. The article should be narrowly focused on him and his career. Adding surviving kin almost makes it read like an obituary, which would not be appropriate for Wikipedia. Usually personal family information is not included since notability is not inherited. Also, adding personal information of living persons is generally frowned on. For those reasons, I would remove the references to you, your brother, and mom. Hope that helps. Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 01:37, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

contribs) 04:13, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

inre Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/I am the media

Improvements have begun. You were wise to send this to AFD, as I have been able to make the article much better. More to do, yes... but I Am the Media is well on its way. Schmidt, MICHAEL Q. 21:19, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

It has indeed improved, definitely. :) Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 21:20, 30 July 2010 (UTC)
Gosh I hate translating stuff (chuckle)... but its do-able. Schmidt, MICHAEL Q. 01:57, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

Can Family names remain in Final section of "Harris Levey" article, Please reflect further and advise

How do you like the latest set of changes I made ie. adding the Post War section on Painting, and additional info? Also, in the very last section (Final Years), in the very last sentence, if I modified it to read: "...He is survived by his wife (Elinor Seidl) and two grown sons (Theodore and Jonathan Levey)."

...Do you think that adding my brother's and my name would make it a Conflict of Interest? My reason for adding our names would not be self-promotion, but instead, I would hope that if any comic of advertising buffs wish to know more about the life and achievements of Harris Levey, then if they see our names, they could always google us and track us down to ask any relevant questions. Does this make sense? Would it risk being seen as a COI? Do you think I should leave our names out or put them into the article? Please advise. Jonathan Levey 01:27, 31 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talk • contribs)

I don't see it as a COI myself, since you are simply stating facts. Had you said something like "...he is survived by two extraordinarily talented sons..." etc, in a way that was embellishing them, then that would be different. :) However, at the same time I'm not sure that information is encyclopedic. The article should be narrowly focused on him and his career. Adding surviving kin almost makes it read like an obituary, which would not be appropriate for Wikipedia. Usually personal family information is not included since notability is not inherited. Also, adding personal information of living persons is generally frowned on. For those reasons, I would remove the references to you, your brother, and mom. Hope that helps. Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 01:37, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

contribs) 04:13, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for your frank and objective in out and recommendations PianoTech. I will remove all of our names in the interest of maintaining the encyclopedic and notability nature of Wikipedia articles. Hopefully, if anyone wishes to know more about Harris Levey (aka Lee Harris), they will find a way to track us down through various search engines.  :) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talk

Please look at my last revision in the final years section, again PianoTech.  

You will see that I removed my brother's name and my name, as well as even the reference to Harris Levey having two sons. However, if acceptable by Wiki, I would put these two names back (at least our first names). Of course, if it risks our article be removed or flagged for COI then I will not post them. So please reflect one last time and advise with your genuine recommendation. As for my mom's name, I removed the earlier reference to her name in the upper section, but kept it in the Final Year section, as , again, I feel that wiki visitors may wish to know whom he (Harris Levey) was married to. But, again, if you feel this is a COI and/or risks flagging the article, or worse article removal, I will delete her name entirely from the article. Again, I ask for you to reflect further (perhaps check with Old English on my behalf, if you feel this would be wise to do --for a second opinion), then let me know your genuine recommendation(s). At the very least, I believe it would be helpful to let wiki readers know that Harris Levey had two sons that are now grown. In summary, it seems a shame for readers not to know if the main subject had a wife and children. Telling this info briefly will at least put his life in perspective showing the other dimension of the main person's life, not just about artistic achievement. Again, What are your (an possibly Old English's) thoughts and recommendations/advice on this? I could well be wrong, as I am (as you know) very close (perhaps too close) to the subject (Harris Levey). Still, once this issue has been cleared up to meet Wiki's high standards, I am confident that the rest of my article and this revised section with or without the names, will maintain a sense of objectivity as if a third party unrelated to the family wrote it. At least that is my aim. I do not want it to sound like an obituary! :)

PS: Can you read the small-font type in this message, PianoTech? For some reason it does not seem to appear to be the normal size font and I do not know how to change it. Jonathan Levey 06:19, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

Jonathan Levey 06:20, 31 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Apologies: Repeated posting: Family Names

For some reason, PianoTech, my last posting on Family Names repeated itself many times over. My apologies. If you can, kindly delete all but one of these duplicated posts. Jonathan Levey 06:25, 31 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Family References in Bio articles (Harris Levey's text)

What do you (and Old English ?) think? Is there a place for a small references of the wife and two sons of Harris Levey, or is it best to leave all (or some) references out. Please advise Jonathan Levey 06:36, 31 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Hello! I guess what I'm saying is, if the names and fact that he had a wife and family are written in the spirit of giving encyclopedic information, that is a good reason to include it. If, however, it is included for the express purpose of making said members easy to find, then that would be using Wikipedia almost as a web site for a home page or directory, which would be inappropriate. So, I would say inclusion of family simply as a statement of fact is alright, but any embellishment beyond that would be excessive especially since the family is not notable in and of itself (notability is not inherited). Be careful with personal information such as addresses, etc. Even past ones. Remember, once it is published on Wikipedia, it's published for good, even if you delete it, since page histories are always available. Someone with bad intentions can access that information just as easily as someone with good, so tread carefully. Personally, I would say he and family lived in Long Island from 1952-1980 and leave it at that. It's up to you how much information you want to include, but again, you'll want to make sure you are not straying past that which is encyclopedic in nature. Make sense? :)

As to the text appearing small, what's happening is, when you indent a line, it puts the text in a box.

Like this.

Be sure to start typing at the very left margin unless you want the text in a box like I did above. The box does not wrap, and instead keeps going off the right side of the screen. Hope that helps! Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 11:23, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

Yes, it all makes sense. Thanks PianTech. I will try and work more on the article later this weekend. I removed the paragraph above about the other comic book artist and his references to family, as I do not want to cause any problems with his page. Thanks too for the tips on responding on Talk Pages...And enjoy your weekend too. Jonathan Levey 15:08, 31 July 2010 (UTC) Jonathan Levey 14:58, 31 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

New Links on Harris Levey page

Hi PianoTech... I invite you to check out the recent set of revisions that I have made to the article on Harris Levey. I have added some interesting links in the post war years: Painting section. :)Jonathan Levey 16:06, 31 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Haris Levey article: Revised info on wife and children

I believe I may have found an objective solution to the issue of whether or not to add info on wife and children of Harris Levey. Please have a look at these revisions and let me know if yo too feel that the way it is written upholds the spirit and regulations of Wikipedia.

You will notice that the info on family has been inserted into the section on the Advertising years, and the second reference to the name of Harris Levey's wife has been removed from the Final Years section. I believe that these changes give minimal attention to the nuclear family constellation and simply serve as valid info on Harris Levey, thus enhances the raison d'etre of the article itself. It also no longer causes the article to take on the tone of an obituary.

I look forward to receiving your honest feedback on these recent changes. Jonathan Levey 16:22, 31 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Need to switch several footnote links over to hyperlinked text

Hi Pianotech. I notice now that , currently, many of the footnotes in my article serve to simply that take the reader to an external web site or external web page that simply defines a word, concept or place mentioned in my wiki article. I believe, to use the Wiki format to its full potential, I will need to need to Wikifi many of the words (often proper nouns) that are footnoted. Much the way you (or someone else ) has done to several key works such as: "DeWitt Clinton High School" in the Teenage Years section, and as I have just done in to "Henry Hensche" in the Post War: Painting section  :) Should you happen have the time and the will to make a few more further wiki link modifications, along these lines, this too would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I will plan to make these changes over the next few weeks myself (evenings and weekends). At the same time, if a footnote takes the reader to an actual photo or drawing, or to an external web site or web page that defines the word,then I believe this is proper use of wiki and the footnote is serving the right purpose(ie. Magpie1 and Magpie2). Please verify.Jonathan Levey 18:23, 31 July 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Urgent: Your help, PianoTech is Requested RE: Harris Levey article flagged for COI

Dear PiantoTech, I just received 1-2 messages on my Wiki talk page that state my article on Harris Levey has been flagged for Conflict of Interest. Please help.

Frankly, I have no idea who flagged this article and "why" they flagged it (which specific sentences, text for information are they in disagreement with? Once I know this I can make real efforts to fix it.

I am willing to work harder to make it more objective and I am building in more verifications, but with my full time work schedule this will take time (weeks, months). Please help in any way you can. I am concerned that the article will be removed and I will have to start from scratch again. Can yo help me to put a hold on it and request advise. I will send the same message to Old English asking for his help as well. Anything you can modify, advise, etc., to help me save this article will be greatly appreciated. Waiting to hear from you. Jonathan Levey 02:32, 6 August 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

I don't see a COI tag! Did OE remove it? Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 02:42, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for your speedy response, PiantoTech... I knew I could count on ou! ;) The good news, is that the person (whoever he/she was, that flagged my article for COI has now added a new message saying that they are not necessarily accusing me of Bias, but simply wanted to let me know about the rules of Wiki and COI. Please see his note on my talk page. I believe this means that, for now, my article on Harris Levey is safe, as is. Please confirm'Bold text'. At the same time if you have more suggestions, tips or advise, or if you even wish to make a few wiki (or non-wiki) links then please do so to improve this article and solidify its objectivity. Many thanks, again , for your extra time, thoughtfulness and extra efforts.

The rules don't prohibit you from writing the article, they just say you should be careful to avoid bias, which I think you have. Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 02:56, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

Great. Thanks for your re-assurance PiantoTech! How do you like the additional biographical info I've added? Any comments, advise or suggested modifications and links to verifications, wiki links etc. (when you have the chance) wil be very much appreciated. Jonathan Levey 03:07, 6 August 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

PS: I am not sure why Sinbot is telling me I am not signing properly. I thought i have been signing properly, with the four tildas Jonathan Levey 02:47, 6 August 2010 (UTC), though sometimes I admit I forget. Jonathan Levey 02:50, 6 August 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Strange message from a wiki user that speaks foreign language, please advise

Dear PianoTech, I seem to have received a detailed message form a wiki user that wrote me in a very foriegn laguage (to me) that I cannot begin to understand. You can see their message at:

Any advise you can give me on how to understand what they wrote or how to respond woud be greatly appreciated. By the way, shoul dI be putting parentheses around my four tildas when I sign off or just put the tildas in alone? Jonathan Levey 15:45, 6 August 2010 (UTC) (Jonathan Levey 15:45, 6 August 2010 (UTC)) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

You just type four tildes without parentheses to sign your posts. That note is in Filipino, it looks like. Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 20:32, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

Thanks. My only worry was that they were tagging my article to remove it (the word "tag" seemed to be in the message). I guess I will stop worrying about removal and just work to make the article better over the weekends to come.  :) Jonathan Levey 21:58, 6 August 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

It's a good article, well within guidelines; not to worry. :) Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 22:13, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

...Thanks for your re-assurance (again;) and for your invaluable help from the start! Jonathan Levey 22:52, 6 August 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)


Hi, I just wanted to encourage you to use the {{ cite web }} template (and other related {{ cite ___ }} templates) when adding references, especially when you are adding them to an article which already has other refs which use that style. It is good practice for many reasons. EAE (Holla!) 22:56, 9 August 2010 (UTC)

Ok then, I'll ask: what reasons? :) What's the benefit of using {{cite web}} over the way I was doing it, which came out of one of Wikipedia's manual pages for referencing?
Well, first it is never good style to ignore the pattern that is already being used in an article and introduce a second pattern - it causes unnecessary confusion for newbie editors. Second, the cite web template takes parameters and its result looks a lot better and provides a lot more information than just a simple hyperlink does. And third, those templates exist so they can be used, this is the purpose for which they were intended, and thus it makes sense to use them for that purpose. I did not mean to offend you or to imply that you fail at Wikipedia, you don't have to defend yourself by saying you got that out of the manual pages. However, since we're on the subject of the manual :) WP:CITE shows us that the full citation which appears in the references section should look like this:
Yours look like this:
The {{cite web}} template is an easy way of providing a few parameters and getting a good result. Hope that helps!

EAE (Holla!) 23:24, 9 August 2010 (UTC)

No offense taken at all! :) I just wondered what the benefit would be, and now I know. Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 23:53, 9 August 2010 (UTC)

North Hill HD

No problem. If you wish to enhance it some more, here is a link to a digital copy of the NRHP nomination form for the district [1]. ​​​​​​​​Niagara ​​Don't give up the ship 14:42, 2 August 2010 (UTC)

By the way, I also noticed you were working on an article for the Lawarence County Courthouse, so here is the nom form for that too [2]. The forms are usually good sources of information and Pennsylvania has just about all of them online. ​​​​​​​​Niagara ​​Don't give up the ship 15:01, 2 August 2010 (UTC)
Thank you! I'm still learning how to do things. How did you add the coordinates, etc? That's pretty cool. Thanks again for your help. Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 19:01, 2 August 2010 (UTC)
I usually use Google Earth to find the coordinates and then its just a matter of putting them into the infobox. The map is produced automatically. ​​​​​​​​Niagara ​​Don't give up the ship 20:06, 12 August 2010 (UTC)


FYI: I've PRODed Outsourcery. Thanks for having tagged it.--Kudpung (talk) 02:24, 17 August 2010 (UTC)

No problem! I thought CSD at first, but the article does assert notabaility. Glad you PRODed it. Take care, Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 11:25, 17 August 2010 (UTC)

independent sources


I've found a hand full of references: - The Free Dictionary - The Canadian Accounting Standards Board - The Public Sector Accounting Board - The CICA (Chartered Accountants of Canada) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Standards setters (talkcontribs) 14:09, 18 August 2010 (UTC)

Urgent: Request your timely input and advise on Harris Levey article, May be removed COI :(

Dear Piano Tech,

I took a rest from working on my Harris Levey article for the last few weeks, as it was draining me. I felt relaxed knowing that I had done my best to post it as objectively as I thought possible and to verify at least some of the claims with plans to do more verification in the not too distant future. Unfortunately, I received this message at the top of my article: "A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies, particularly neutral point of view. Please discuss further on the talk page." seems that a fellow Wiki member, Sharp962, has been spending quite a bit of time and through removing all non-verified pieces of the article and I believe he has reported it so that it is now up for review and is vulnerable to being removed totally, if wiki rules to do so... but not sure that it has reached this near final stage yet, so please confirm. and suggest what I can do to help keep the article posted in some form, rather than it being deleted after so much hard work. Frankly, I would have greatly appreciated it if Sharp962 had contacted me and warned me first prior to removel, knidly suggesting what I needed to do to verify section, or even helpingme to verify secitons, prior to removal.

I guess it is too late and much of my hard work is and wil lbe lost. Anything yo can do to help in this matter, and possibly communicate with Sharp962 on my behalf, letting him know I am new to wiki an dthat my intentions are good, woudl be most appreciated. Perhaps I wil send the same request to Old English.

Thanking you in advance, and looking forward to hearing your sage advise. Jonathan Jonathan Levey 02:08, 20 August 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Harris Levey article restored by Old English! :)

I am please to let yo know, Piano Tech, that Old English spotted my recent call for help and responded quickly and effectively. The good news is, as you point out, that he was making his revisions with good intentions, in good faith and not being malicious with ill-intent. In fact, I see now he has an alternate wiki name and that in previous weeks when he made a few modifications, he said he was concerned about COI, but also that he was a fan of my dad's Air Wave comic illustrations. Thanks again for all of your attention and timely help in this matter. Jonathan Levey 03:00, 20 August 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Good to know! Personally, I didn't see any COI issues. Guidelines don't prohibit your writing the article, though they would rather someone not connected to the subject do it. But, as long as a strong attempt is made to remain neutral (as you have done), there is no problem. I see no conflict errors in your article, and OE agrees. Plus, you wrote the article in draft form first under our supervision, and we both said it was ready to go live. Rest assured the article is not in danger of being deleted. Keep up the good work! :) Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 11:58, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement PianoTech! Now all I need to learn is how to properly sing off.... I try to always remeber to insert the four tildas Jonathan Levey 21:34, 20 August 2010 (UTC) but even when I do this, it seems that robotic SinBot is always following me around and telling me to sign off properly... using the four tildas If you have any final tips on this, or can tell me what I am doing wrong and need to do better, please tell me Jonathan Levey 21:34, 20 August 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Not sure why it's doing that. I see you've been signing off properly each time, so not sure what the problem is! Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 21:59, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

Further input requested on Harris Levey Article :)

Dear PianoTech, As soon as you have the chance, please visit my articles talk page Harris Leveyand see if yo can answer some of my many yet very basic questions on whether or not certain documents I have are worthwhile to upload into the article. At the same time yo will see my request for Sharp962 and other Wiki members that are not connected/related to Harris Levey to ad their research, verifications and modifications to make this article much better and more authenticated. Also, if I have several links to my dad's artwork that have proven difficult for me to upload into the proper Wiki format, can I send yo these links via your direct email and perhaps yo might see if yo can upload them? Or is this asking too much (ie. I know I should do it myself, but I am just too slow and seem to take 100 times to get each upload right). I will understand if this is asking too much and I will simply try to do it myself at a future date when I have a few spare hours (there are about 6 links in all). Jonathan Levey 22:48, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

You have to be careful about uploading artwork due to copyright concerns, though linking/citing is fine if they're already on the web. Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 22:55, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

These 6 links are from the web, but I also thought that if I photographed my dad's orginal artwork that he drew while employed at DC comics then it woudl help the verification process. But perhaps as yo seem to be suggesting, if DC has copyrights to the origianl drawing, this cannot be uploaded? Is that right? What about scanning and uploading onto Wikipedia an in-house company newsletter that shows my father's photo on the cover and includes a two page written article with related photos inside? There is a publisher listed on the inside of the cover, but i have looked everywhere in this in-house magazine/newsletter and do not see the word "copyright" or the copyright symbol anywhere. Would this be OK and helpful to upload? Jonathan Levey 23:14, 20 August 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jonathanlevey (talkcontribs)

Uploading copyrighted artwork is definitely out. Mailing proof could be a way, I think. Maybe OE can help clarify, as that's beyond my level of knowledge here; I'll be willing to learn and try to help, though! Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 00:13, 21 August 2010 (UTC)

Not sure what you mean by mailing proof. I have sent Old English message for his suggestions and advice. Many thanks PianoTech.Jonathan Levey 04:44, 21 August 2010 (UTC)

Request for Review and Assessment - National Waterway 4 (India)

Hi Piano,
After the article CERC, now i have just posted an article titled National Waterways 4. The article is one among the Six National Waterways in India. Whereas articles for 4 other National Waterways are yet to be created. NW-4 is similar to National Waterway 3 (India). Please review the article and provide your valuable feedback as well as rating for the article. ----Raj 6644(தமிழன்) 11:16, 21 August 2010 (UTC)

More links to Harris Levey's artwork

Dear PianoTech, I want to thank you very much for your extra efforts to try and provide credible secondary sources for the artwork of Harris Levey.

below are three links which should tak eyou to a few more sources/images.

DC database: of all of “Harris Levy’s” artwork

Book cover illustration

Would you kindly see if you can upload these links and/or images on the the Harris Levey article page. I understand Sharp962's concern about credibility and now noteablity , but I do appreciate your efforts to establish some level of credibility on behalf of Harris Levey. Perhaps I should never have worked so hard to upload this article fomr the very start. I guess I mis-understood the raison d'etre of wikipedia for the start. I thought it was to bring attention to those that have made some genuine and significant contribution{s) to art, or to since, etc. While it is true, Harris Levey (aka Lee Harris) was not well known or recognized in the comic book literature, I thought the fact that I have some original artwork of his when he worked at DC and that one of these artworks has never been seen nor known about (ie. original art on Tarantula , for example, that it woudl be of interest an dhelpful to bring some of these works to light. I suppose I would need to cal an autheor and/or comic book historian to come to my house and write about and photograph this artwork to make it credible on wikipedia (uploading a photo myself could be seen with suspicion and COI). IN any case, I know that Sharp962 has removes sections of my article ie. the War Years because it was not well documented/verified and Hariss levey was not a recognized leading photographer during the War. Still, I thought these bits of information of his life and achievements might inspire others that pursue art and illustration and advertising as a career choice. It seems Wiki is not for this and I now understand. I really did not understand this at the start. So I will leave it to knowledgeable wiki editors like yourself, Old English and perhaps now, Sharp962 you decide the fate of this article. Hopefully, at least some little bit will remain in the end and ideally perhaps a few talented researchers with the will will locate and upload more verified documentation to add to the credibility of this article. Again, thank you for your genuine interest and ongoing help. I will respect Wiki's decision to keep or remove or modify this article in any shape or form. Keep me posted and let me know if I can do anything more to help. Jonathan Levey (talk) 01:48, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

If the Air Wave character is notable enough to have an article, why would the creator and original artist not be? I've listed several bullet points from WP:Notability on the article talk page as to why I think there is sufficient notability. Yes, material must be limited to what is encyclopedic and verifiable; personal research and recollection do not qualify for inclusion and are discouraged. But you provide multiple sources, all of which are reliable, and the article subject, in my opinion, meets notability standards. That said, I'll have a look at the links you sent. Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 01:58, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Thanks. The link below shows a page that lists many of Harris Levey’s artworks for DC Comics and other comics World’s Finest Comics and Real Fact Comics, during the Golden Age of comics. This includes about 13 verifications as Penciller, and abnout 27 as artist for various comic characters , comprised mainly of Air Wave, but also other characters such as Rin-Tin-Tin and Lando Man of Magic:


Lando Man of Magic :

Would you be kind to upload some of these links? I believe it should genuinely held the credibility of this article, PianoTech. Again many (many) thanks! Jonathan Levey (talk) 02:36, 22 August 2010 (UTC) Also, as soon as you have the chance, PianoTech, I encourage yo to have a look at my recent comments and requests for further input from Ol English on the Talk page of Ol English.Jonathan Levey (talk) 04:09, 22 August 2010 (UTC) I've posted a note to Sharp962 on my articles Talk Page. I still find that I have to struggle to insert the right coding to do it properly. Therefore, if you are able to help in this regard, PianoTech, it would be most appreciated. The main link that I believe that would be of most value to integrate into the article is:

This link takes viewers to a page that lists many of Harris Levey's artistic contributions to DC comics (and two other comics books as well. It also provides additional relevant links to his artwork. BTW, I believe it was you that uploaded the artwork of an airwave page onto the Article directly. It looks great. Thanks. Jonathan Levey (talk) 16:09, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

OK, it took me several tries, PiantoTech, but I believe I finally succeeded to upload an important link into the article's DC Comic Book Section (DC Database Index). Please have a look. Any final link additions you can make as mentioned above, will be greatly appreciated at this point in time. :)!Jonathan Levey (talk) 16:34, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

I just uploaded two more links to Levey's artwork in the DC Comic section, PianoTech. I hope I have made these links properly. Please verify and confirm Jonathan Levey (talk) 16:56, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Once again, Harris Levey Article tagged for Review and possible deletion

Dear PianoTech, It seems that much of the content unrelated to air wave has been removed and that the article is, once again, tagged for possible removal. Anything yo can add in terms uo helping to provide better verifications, etc., would be greatly appreciated at this point. I believe that I have contributed just about all I can contribute and now it is up for knowledgeable Wiki editors to make it better and help it to fit the understandably high standards of Wikipedia. Even Ol English admits that aside from using his knowledge to help with the technical formatting and meeting guidelines of wiki, etc,. he knows very little about the Comic Book field and suggests that members form the Wiki Comic Group provide further help and input at this point. Sharp962 seems knowledgeable and well intended and I have invited other WCP members to contribute as well. For more insight into recent modifications see the history of revisions for this article. And to read the emerging discussion on this article , please see the articles Talk Page... but you know to do that, right ?! ;) Jonathan Levey (talk) 23:40, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Hi Jonathan, it seems that you have some editors now who are knowledgeable about comics, especially the "golden age" and Air Wave. There was never any question in my mind as to your father's notability, even though I am not a comics buff. The fact that he created a character for DC (a character that is still around) unquestionably speaks to his notability. It looks like the editor helping now is not only an editor experienced in Wikipedia and how it functions, but knows about comics as well - that's great! I see he's added some things as well as restored things. Given my limited knowledge about comics, I've probably contributed about as much as I can, having helped you learn the basics about referencing, etc., though I'll be glad to continue watching the article and adding what I can when I can. I have no worry that the article will be deleted. I look forward to seeing the article continue to flourish! Pianotech Talk to me!/Contribs 11:38, 23 August 2010 (UTC)

Thanks so much PianoTech for helping this article form inception to get posted and start to flourish. You are right, some knowledgeable members in the Comic field have started to get involved and that's great. I trust their intentions are good and the process of collaborative editing on wiki for this article is now well-underway.Of course, any further help you can give in the days and weeks to come will continue to be greatly appreciated. :) Jonathan Levey (talk) 11:53, 23 August 2010 (UTC) Jonathan Levey (talk) 23:12, 23 August 2010 (UTC)