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This is boilerplate standard User:Mediator/spam. Feel free to delete it. That's why it's on its own page. Read it first if you want.

Please blank or ignore this subpage if it annoys you. It will not be restored unless and until there is a new reason for the User:mediator to ask you something or contact you.

It has been created only for the following reasons:

1. A test of User:Mediator/policy - do you agree with these priorities?

2. To request your review of the User:Mediator mission statement. Is this the right role for something called "Mediator"?

3. To invite you to raise any issues with these, or User:Mediator's behaviour (at User_talk:mediator) or practices (at User:Mediator/mediator). The Mediator plays by its own rules, and tries to do so consistently. It is not a GodKing. It is not above its own laws or policies. It has no special status, and doesn't require any such status.

4. To notify you that you are welcome to place your own name at User:Mediator/candidates to eventually take over this role. Leaving your name there helps to keep the role ambiguous even if it is not strictly anonymous (which ideally it would be).

5. To suggest that you create a similar Wikipedia:role account for any other language wiki you use, and adapt these procedures to that wiki as well. Over time all the best practices can be compiled into one single translated guide for all mediators. This will be very useful for wikis where there is no GodKing attention.

6. To invite you to review the changes to items on the Mediator watchlist from time to time, as they will be of interest to anyone concerned with Wikipedia:governance. If you think something else is essential to the mission of the Mediator, add it there, and be bold.

7. To urge you to practice the political virtues, and to have a good sense of humour about stupidity. Annoyances are transitory. A belly laugh is eternal.

This message is disposable and contains nothing unique. You may delete it if you like with a quick request on personal subpages to be deleted. Any response to the above should go to the pages in question.

Thank you for your time.