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Jesse Macbeth[edit]

About "Jesse Macbeth", I don't have any evidence that it is a rightwing conspiracy. I don't doubt that he is a fraud. However, this article uses blog posts as references. Where did this video come from? "Jesse" is such an obvious fraud and a nut-job, why would anyone in the antiwar movement want him as a spokesman? And why did this video show up at about the same time as another video (with a slightly better production value) which debunked it from "Hot Air".

I don't know, Taucetiman... It smells like a set up to me, the right blogsphere saying "Look at what the stupid left antiwar movement just put out... yeah right, it's a hoax!" and the left blogosphere says, "Huh? What are you talking about? I've never heard of these people." What do you think?

The guy had been making the rounds as a ex-ranger at various anti-war rallies, this video was probably made for some kind of political group on the left without the idea of mass distribution, macbeth had been getting away with posing as a ranger in front of people who don't know much about military culture but once it was in general ciculation people who know things about military uniforms, etc. jumped all over this, it not a conspiracy of the right just them having an apefest over an obvious fool.--taucetiman

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