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Wikipedia needs you![edit]

Wikipedia needs you!

If you've got an agenda to push, Wikipedia is the place for you to do it! You too can be a powerful spin doctor. Why leave it to the talking heads on TV? Start editing Wikipedia and you too can twist history.

  • If you're a two-bit politician who wants to slander your opponent, Wikipedia wants you!
  • If you're a non-notable blogger who wants to write about yourself and cite your blog as an authoritative reliable source, Wikipedia wants you!
  • If you've got a fringe theory you want to push, Wikipedia wants you!
  • If you want to discredit generally accepted principles of science and push your alternative views, Wikipedia wants you!
  • Want to re-write history? No problem!

Don't think that just because you're a nut, you can't be considered equal. All you have to do is bring some mildly concealed self-published sources to cite or better yet, use the power of the tabloid press.

Plenty of opportunity[edit]

Great examples of theories or ideas that can still be pushed on Wikipedia are:

Getting away with it[edit]

Don't worry, most folks on Wikipedia really have no clue how to deal with POV pushers, including administrators. Even those that do are lowering their standards on a daily basis. Click here to learn how to manipulate the entire platform.

If you think an admin is on to you, quickly accuse him/her of being involved and/or having a bias and report them immediately on ANI. You should probably throw in a few uncivil comments to give the air of authenticity to your actions.

Post something like "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!" on User talk:Jimbo Wales.

If none of that works, and you're about to be blocked, say as dramatically as you can that this is a great example of why editors are leaving Wikipedia and maybe that you'll blog about all this.

Join us!

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