Uyo church collapse

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Uyo church collapse
Date 10 December 2016
Location Uyo, Nigeria
Cause Under investigation
Deaths 27 to 160[1]

On 10 December 2016, the roof of the Reigners Bible Church International, an evangelical congregation, collapsed in Uyo, a city in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, during the consecration or ordination of the local bishop.[2][3] At least 23 people are confirmed to have died in the disaster, with other reports stating numbers as high as 160.[2][4] Thousands were present at the time of collapse, including government officials and Akwa Ibom governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.[3][5]


At approximately 11 a.m., thirty minutes into the church's Saturday morning programme, the building's roof collapsed from the centre.[6] The church had been under construction until shortly before the incident, with some reports stating that work was unfinished at the time of collapse.[7] The construction had been rushed to prepare the church for the ordination of the local bishop.[2] Different numbers of deaths have been reported. The News Agency of Nigeria reported that there were 60 victims,[3] and a rescue official stated that 60 bodies had been retrieved.[5] More than 100 bodies had been seen at the local morgue, and staff at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital reported that 160 people were killed.[2]

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