Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party

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Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev
Founded 1995
Headquarters Tashkent, Uzbekistan
International affiliation None
Legislative Chamber
36 / 150
0 / 100
Politics of Uzbekistan
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The Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party (Uzbek: O'zbekiston Milliy Tiklanish Demokratik Partiyasi) is a political party in Uzbekistan. The party is one of the country's four 'officially sanctioned' parties along with the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party and the Justice Social Democratic Party.[1]

Ideology and policy[edit]

The Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party was formed in 1995 with a largely intellectual membership and has a comparatively high proportion of female members.[2] The party advocates a strong sense of Uzbek culture, desiring a cultural revival, whilst also seeking to build closer links with other states in Central Asia.[3] The party opposes the influence of Russia in the region and attacked the foundation of the Eurasian Economic Community on this basis.[4]


At the last legislative elections, 24 December 2004 and 9 January 2005, the party won 11 out of 120 seats. The party's candidate for the 2007 Presidential election was Hurshid Dustmuhammad.[5]


The party announced its intention to merge with the Self-Sacrifice National Democratic Party in 2008 as the two parties shared common goals.[6] The new group has retained the National Revival Democratic Party name.[7]