Uzgen Minaret

Coordinates: 40°46′0″N 73°18′0″E / 40.76667°N 73.30000°E / 40.76667; 73.30000
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Uzgen Minaret
Minaret at the Uzgen as of 2012
Uzgen Minaret is located in Kyrgyzstan
Uzgen Minaret
Uzgen Minaret
Location in Kyrgyzstan
Alternative nameÖzgön Minar, Uzgend Minaret
RegionOsh Region
Coordinates40°46′0″N 73°18′0″E / 40.76667°N 73.30000°E / 40.76667; 73.30000
Height27.5 m (90 ft)
Architectural stylesMinaret

The Uzgen Minaret also spelled as Özgön Minar or Uzgend Minaret[1] is an 11th-century minaret tower located in Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan. It forms part of the ancient ruins in Uzgen along with three well preserved mausoleums located nearby. Uzgen Minaret is a 27.5 metres (90 feet) tall tapering tower, with an 8.5 metres (28 feet) base diameter, reducing to 6.2 metres (20 feet) at the top.[2]

Built with bricks, the Uzgen minaret's architecture consist of three distinctive parts. It has a 5 metres (16 feet) high octahedron shaped lower part and a tapering cylindrical middle part, similar to the Burana Tower in northern Kyrgyzstan. The upper part with arched windows and a cupola is a relatively recent addition, built in 1923 to 1924.[2]


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