VR Class Ds1

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VR Class Ds1
VR Class Ds1 Hyvinkaa Rly Mus Finland 3.jpg
VR Class Ds1 railcar at the Finnish Railway Museum
In service1928–1955
ManufacturerVR Pasilan Konepaja
Constructed1928, 1930
Number built3
Number preserved1 (in the Finnish Railway Museum)
Fleet numbers1, 4 and 5
Operator(s)VR Group
Car length16.330 m (53 ft 7 in)
Wheel diameter960 mm (3 ft 2 in)
Weight33.2 tonnes (32.7 long tons; 36.6 short tons)
Axle load11.4 tonnes (11.2 long tons; 12.6 short tons)
Prime mover(s)Diesel
Power output90 kW (120 hp)
UIC classification(1A)(A1)
Track gauge1,524 mm (5 ft)
information from [1]

The VR Class Ds1 was the first railbus of the Finnish State Railways. It was ordered in 1927. The Ds1 was built by the Pasila workshop, but the automotive parts including the engine were supplied by the Swedish company DEVA. Ds1 has a diesel engine and an electric drive, with a diesel generator providing power to the wheels. A cab is at either end of the vehicle, so that the vehicle did not have to be turned at terminal stations. The vehicle consisted of a motor room, a luggage compartment, and a 3rd class passenger compartment bare on a wooden bench seating.

The Finnish State Railways started ordering Diesel multiple units and railcars, as road transport began to compete with rail passenger services. To compete with car and bus services the state railway added a number of train services and intermediate halts to its network. The use of steam locomotives on quiet railway lines would have been inappropriate, and the associated costs would have been too high.

The last Ds1 was withdrawn in 1955, the same year as the first VR Class Dm7 was completed.

Numbering and Duration of Operation[edit]

Locomotive Number Year Built Year Withdrawn
1 1928 1955
4 1930 1953
5 1930 1952

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