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Gender Male
Word/name Persian or Slavic
Region of origin Eastern Europe

Vadim is a Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovene, Croatian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian masculine given name derived either from the Persian badian (anise or aniseed),[1] or from the ancient Russian word vaditi (Russian: вадити, meaning to blame, to slander. Its long version, Vadimir, is now obsolete.[2] This given name is highly popular in Russia (as Vadim), Ukraine (as Vadym), Belarus (as Vadzim), Moldova, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.


Saint Vadim, or Bademus, a Persian martyr, widely venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church

Given name[edit]


  • Christian Vadim (born 1963), French actor, son of Roger
  • David Vadim (born 1972), Russian actor
  • Nathalie Vadim (born 1958), French film director, daughter of Roger and sister of Christian
  • Roger Vadim (1928–2000), French screenwriter, film director and producer


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