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Vahram / Vahrām (Armenian: Վահրամ) is a variant name of the divinity Verethragna in Zoroastrianism. Other variants are Vehram, Bahram, Behram, Balram

Vahram is also a common given name for Armenian males. Vahramian / Vahramyan derived from Vahram becomes an Armenian family name.

Vahram may have connection to Balram both of which are considered as Herakles (Zoroastrians) and Megasthenes' Herakles (Indus). It is unclear whether the latter refers to Balram or Krishna whose stories have a strong resemblance to Herakles.

Vahram may refer to:

Given name
  • Vahram Alazan (1903-1966), Armenian poet, writer
  • Vahram Kevorkian (1887-1911), football player of Armenian descent
  • Vahram Pahlavouni (967–1045), Armenian army commander (sparapet) and Prince in Bagratuni Armenia
  • Vahram Papazian or Papazyan (1888-1968), Armenian actor classical actor
  • Vahram Sahakian (born 1964), Armenian dramatist, film director and actor
  • Vahram Sargsyan (born 1981), Armenian-Canadian composer and choral conductor
  • Vahram Zaryan French-Armenian modern mime artist, dancer, director and choreograph
Family name
  • Vahramaberd, Romanized as Vagramaberd; a town in the Shirak Province of Armenia
  • Vahramashen Church, also commonly referred to as Surb Astvatsatsin or the Church of Amberd, a church in Armenia

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