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The Vala are a Rajput clan found in the state of Gujarat in India. They claim to be the earliest Rajput settlers in Saurashtra, and are descendents of Shiladitya, the Valabhi ruler of Gujarat. After the overthrow of Valabhi, the Valas settled in the south western Saurashtra, which is known as Valak, after the clan. The Vala were overthrown by the Gohil Rajputs, and are now found as landholders. A few live in villages near the town of Mahuva, in a village Nanivavdi near the town Ranpur, and in Kadvasan in Kodinar area and also in a village of Khadol near the town Dhandhuka.[1] Some twelve villages where Valas are located are along Venu river near Jam Jodhpur and some more twelve villages near Valank in Talaja area in Bhavnagar district.


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