Valery Arshba

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Valery Arshba
Валерии Аршба
Head of the Presidential Administration of Abkhazia
In office
15 February 2005 – 1 March 2010
President Sergei Bagapsh
Preceded by Emma Avidzba
Succeeded by Grigori Enik
1st Vice President of Abkhazia
In office
5 January 1995 – 12 February 2005
President Vladislav Ardzinba
Succeeded by Raul Khajimba

Valery Arshba (Abkhaz: Валерии Аршба, Georgian: ვალერი არშბა; born 4 October 1949 in Tkvarcheli) was the first Vice President of the Republic of Abkhazia. He was first elected to the office on 5 January 1995, under President Vladislav Ardzinba,[1] and the pair was re-elected in the 1999 Presidential election where they ran unopposed. Arshba initially was a candidate in the October 2004 Abkhazian presidential election, but he withdrew just before the start of the campaign period due to pressure from his family.[2] During the post-election crisis that followed, Arshba supported opposition candidate Sergei Bagapsh[citation needed], and when the latter eventually became President following a power-sharing agreement with his rival Raul Khajimba and new elections in January 2005, Valery Arshba was made head of the presidential administration of Abkhazia on 15 February 2005.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Vice President of Abkhazia
5 January 1995–2005
Succeeded by
Raul Khadjimba