Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean

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This article is about the first novel in the Vampirates series. For other uses, see Vampirate (disambiguation).
Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean
First edition cover
Author Justin Somper
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Vampirates
Genre Children's, Horror novel, Science fantasy
Published 2005 (Simon & Schuster & Little Brown)
Media type Print (Paperback & Hardback)
Pages 304 pp (first edition, paperback)
ISBN 0-689-87263-1 (first edition, paperback)
OCLC 58828710
Followed by Vampirates: Tide of Terror

Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean is a novel by British author Justin Somper, about two children who get separated at sea and are picked up by two very different ships.


Justin Somper first had the idea for the book "five years before and gave up his full-time job to pursue it".[1] He notes that "Vampirates is set in the future, although it feels rather like the past."[2] Somper believes that in the novel the character of Grace in particular comes to change her views of who is actually her enemy and discovers that the notion of who is one's enemy is often defined by one's perspective or by "lack of information or misinformation."[3]


The year is 2505. The oceans have risen. A new era of piracy is dawning. After their father dies, Connor and Grace Tempest find that there is no place for them to go so they set out into the sea. A vicious storm separates them, destroying their boat and leaving them fighting for their lives in the cruel, cold water. Picked up one of the more notorious pirate ships,The Diablo, Connor soon finds himself wielding a cutlass. But does he have the stomach to be a pirate? Grace finds herself aboard a more mysterious ship of vampire pirates. But it turns out that most of the vampires are quite nice... except for Sidorio.

Characters in Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean[edit]

  • Connor Tempest – Fourteen-year-old pirate protégé who loves the life of pirating; Twin brother of Grace Tempest.
  • Grace Tempest – Fourteen-year-old who cares deeply for the Vampirates; Twin sister of Connor Tempest.
  • Lorcan Furey – Rescues Grace in the first book of the series after seeing her struggling for life.
  • Vampirate Captain – Mysterious captain of the Vampirate ship whose authority has been questioned by his crew.
  • Darcy Flotsam – Figurehead of the Vampirate ship by day and vampire by night; Grace's friend.
  • Sidorio – Vampire who resisted the authority of the Vampirate Captain, which resulted in banishment.
  • Cheng Li – Former deputy of The Diablo and currently teacher at Pirate Academy.
  • Captain Molucco Wrathe – Captain of The Diablo.
  • Matilda "Ma" Kettle – Owner of Ma Kettle's Tavern.
  • Bartholomew "Bart" Pearce – Fellow pirate aboard The Diablo and Connor's best friend.
  • Cutlass Cate – Becomes deputy of The Diablo once Cheng Li leaves; also known for swordsmanship and skill.
  • Sugar Pie – Waitress at Ma Kettle's Tavern.
  • Dexter Tempest - Father of the twins, also the lighthouse keeper of Crescent Moon Bay

Release details[edit]

  • 2005, UK, Simon & Schuster (ISBN 0689872631), pub date 6 Jun 2005, paperback (First edition)
  • 2005, USA, Little Brown (ISBN 0316013730), pub date 4 October 2006, hardback
  • 2007, USA, Little, Brown (ISBN 0316014443), pub date ? April 2007, paperback (reissue)


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