Van Buren (surname)

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Van Buren (pronounced [vɑn ˈbyːrə(n)]) is a Dutch surname meaning "of/from Buren". Buren is also the Dutch word for "neighbours".


Dutch Royal Family[edit]

The name (van) "Buren" appears in the history of the Dutch royal house, being the family name of Anna van Egmond en Buren, the first wife of William I of Orange. Borrowing from this heritage, the Dutch royal family have used Count of Buren as a title or the surname "van Buren" in situations requiring anonymity.

  • Princess Beatrix (formerly Queen Beatrix), the Countess of Buren (Dutch Gravin van Buren).
  • King Willem-Alexander used the alias "Alexander van Buren" or a variant for anonymity purposes. For example during his University application he used "Alex van Buren". He also registered for the 1986 elfstedentocht as "W A van Buren".

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