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Varghese / Varughese / Verghese, Geevarghese ,Varkey and Vergis are SyriacMalayalam variants of George in India. It is given as first name or last name among the Syrian Christians / Saint Thomas Christians, an ancient community of Christians in India.[1][2] The name Georgios, whose origin is from the Greek root word 'geō', means a 'farmer'. This Greek name became popular in Eastern Orthodox Churches due to the legend of Saint George who was a Roman soldier of Greek descent killed for his Christian faith. He was considered to be a saint. In Middle Eastern regions, especially within Assyrian Christian community the saint's name was spelt as Gewargis or Gevergis. The Syrian Orthodox community within Kerala had a Malayalam variant spelt as Geevarghese. With time the name 'Geevarghese' began to sound like two conjoined names Gee Varghese'. Finally the name got shortened into 'Varghese'.

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