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Varghese, Varughese, Verghese, Geevarghese, Varughis, and Varkey are SyriacMalayalam variants of the Assyrian Syriac/Aramaic Christian name Giwargis/Gewargis/Givargis (George). The pronunciation from Syriac/Aramaic was naturally adapted to fit the vowels of the local dialect. It is given as first, middle, or last name among the Syrian Christians.[1][2] Many names of this community are a combination of Hebrew and Aramaic names that have been adapted into the local dialect.

People named Varghese[edit]

Varghese as given name[edit]

Varghese as last name[edit]

Varughese as last name[edit]

Notable people with the surname Varughese:

  • Sugith Varughese (born 1958), Indian-born Canadian writer, director, and actor
  • Sunil Varughese(born 1968), Indian -born branding consultant, was Chief Brand & Sustainability Officer of XLRI.

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