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Vassilikos (full name: Vassilikos Sakkas) is best known as the frontman/singer of the Greek indie/pop-rock band Raining Pleasure. Vassilikos has released 7 albums with Raining Pleasure of which he is the composer, singer, bassist/guitarist and lyricist.[1] 2 of the band's 3 albums that were released from a major label (EMI Greece) achieved Gold sales, and Vassilikos and his band have toured not only Greece but also Germany, Turkey and Romania participating in European Festivals such as Rock n’ Coke and Hurricane and sharing the stage with bands and artists such as Pixies, The Cure, Pearl Jam, Kasabian, Arcade Fire and many more.

Solo career[edit]

In 2009, Vassilikos was signed to Sony Music Greece which published his first solo album, a compilation of several numbers of his choice from the 30s to the 60s. The Greek songwriter, adds his own perspective to songs that have become classic over time, and makes them sound as if they were written today. In this album, called “Vintage (Songs I Wish I’d Written Vol.1)”, Vassilikos’ duties, apart from singing, include, arranging, performing all musical instruments, and producing together with the English producer Clive Martin, who has worked with bands and artists like Queen, Peter Gabriel, Terrorvision, Reef, Puressence, Stereophonics, Les Négresses Vertes, and many more. Vintage was certified Gold only a few weeks after its release.[2]

The next step, during the summer of 2011, was a successful tour with Dimitra Galani that started from the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus as part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2011 [3] and led to the release of a live album by Sony Music Greece consisting of some of the best moments from Vassilikos’ and Dimitra’s shared time onstage.[4]

In September 2012 he re-introduced to the public the work of Vassilis Tsitsanis, one of the major figures of Greek popular music. In a concert at the Athens’ Concert Hall, Vassilikos redefined the songs of the famous “rebetiko” composer by presenting them with contemporary instrumentations, in a way they were never heard before. More recently, Vassilikos was chosen by the universally acclaimed composer, Yiannis Markopoulos, to take part in a series of concerts with the composer’s songs and symphonic works at the Athens Concert Hall as well as at the Odeum of Herodes Atticus [5][6]

In the spring of 2013 Vassilikos interrupts the recordings of his own compositions in order to prepare an album dedicated to the work of Vasilis Tsitsanis. The adaptation of Tsitsanis’ work that was presented at the Athens Concert Hall a few months ago is now captured in the studio and released by Minos EMI – Universal on July of the same year. Vassilikos in this EP called Sunday Cloudy Sunday, which he also produced, once again takes over the orchestration, and the performances of all instruments.[7] Sunday Cloudy Sunday was performed live at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus in July 2014, a production of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival [8]


Studio and live albums with Raining Pleasure:

  • Memory Comes Back (1996)
  • Nostalgia (1998)
  • Capricorn EP (2000)
  • Flood (2001)
  • Forwards & Backwards (2003)
  • Reflections (2005)
  • Who's Gonna Tell Juliet (2007)
  • Live in Athens (2009)

Solo albums:

  • Vintage - Songs I wish I'd written (2009)
  • Vintage vinyl - More songs I wish I'd written (2010)
  • Live at Gazarte - with Dimitra Galani (2011)
  • Sunday Cloudy Sunday (2013)


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