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Vassos Alexander is a British sports reporter, presenter, author and endurance runner. He is an ambassador for the young person's charity SkillForce.[1]


Alexander was the sports presenter on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2.[2] He has also worked on BBC Radio 5 Live as a presenter, reporter and commentator and on BBC television, Channel 4, BT Sport and Eurosport. He has reported on six Olympic Games for the BBC and currently commentates on tennis, golf, diving and darts. In January 2019, Vassos Alexander moved to the new Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio which includes a number of the team who worked on the show on BBC Radio 2. He continues his reign as sports reporter. Vassos has worked with Chris Evans for seven years in which time, as well reporting from the frontline of the sports world, he has shared a passion for running marathons with Chris.


Since April 2018, Alexander has been the co-host of 'free weekly timed', a podcast on the global running phenomenon of parkrun. Alexander is a parkrunner and co-host of the 'Free Weekly Timed' podcast with Louise Ayling. Where 'each week we aim to bring you news from parkrun around the world; interviews with special guests; hints, tips and inspiration – all in an average parkrun finish time of (approximately) 29 mins!' [3] [4]


He is also the author of two best selling books. "Don't Stop Me Now, 26.2 Tales of a Runner's Obsession"[5](published by Bloomsbury), a celebration of running in 26.2 chapters and "Running up that Hill, the highs and lows of going that bit further"[6](published by Bloomsbury) which explores what lies beyond the marathon finish line. Alexander has completed several ultra marathons, including the 153 mile Spartathlon [7] and Ironman triathlons[8] and has a sub-3 hour marathon personal best.


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