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Вчера (English: Yesterday)
Vchera - film cover.jpg
Directed by Ivan Andonov
Written by Vlado Daverov
Starring Hristo Shopov
Georgi Staykov
Music by Kiril Marichkov
Release date
  • 25 January 1988 (1988-01-25)
Running time
84 minutes
Country Bulgaria
Language Bulgarian

Vchera (Bulgarian: Вчера, English: Yesterday) is a 1988 Bulgarian drama film.


The film tells the story of an elite Bulgarian school where the sons and daughters of high-ranking Communist officials are educated. The main characters are Ivan, his best friend Rostislav, Dana (a newly arrived student), Marina and Kostov. All of them find themselves dealing with their own youthful intrigues against the backdrop of the absurd and oppressive Bulgarian Communist regime; and all too often each one of them finds his/her own individual means of escaping from it all, either through friendship, love, or the occasional derisive remark. The plot is loosely based on the English Language School in Lovech, Bulgaria, where the principal was an ardent Communist infamous for his absurdly strict rules and for setting an army-like atmosphere. At the same time that students are subjected to the bureaucratic babble of their despotic teachers, they are likewise exposed to the exquisite, thought-provoking language of Shakespeare, and the incendiary tunes of The Beatles, for which they are reproached on numerous occasions. The reality of authoritarian rule in Communist Bulgaria, the hollowness of its slogans, and the total disregard for the true values and qualities of the students—it is all beautifully interspersed with moments of genuine loyalty, love, nobility and devotion.



The soundtrack was composed by Kiril Marichkov. It consists of a track called "Utroto", which only appears in the film during the intro and at other points in slower instrumental versions, and a track called "Kletva", which appears in a scene where the students take a blood oath and in the end credits. "Kletva" was later re-recorded in 1996 and included on Marichkov's solo album Zodija Shturec and several Shturcite compilations, while "Utroto" was released in 2015 on the compilation Nai-dobrite ot Kiril Marichkov i Shturcite (chast 2).

"Kletva" was covered by British indie pop band Ladytron for their 2008 album Velocifero.

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