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Follow Your Heart
IndustryVegetarian and Vegan Food
PredecessorJohnny Weissmuller’s American Natural Foods
FoundersMichael Besançon, Bob Goldberg, Paul Lewin, and Spencer Windbiel
HeadquartersCanoga Park, California

Follow Your Heart is a vegan and vegetarian food company that began in 1970 as a restaurant in Canoga Park, California. In 1977, they began selling Vegenaise, an egg-free mayonnaise substitute whose name is a portmanteau of vegan and mayonnaise. The company now also produces other lines of vegan food, such as vegan cheeses, salad dressings, and VeganEgg.


The company began as a sandwich counter in the back of a market called Johnny Weissmuller’s American Natural Foods in Canoga Park,[1] In 1994 the restaurant and store suffered serious damage in the Los Angeles earthquake, but remained in business.[2]

Food lines[edit]

The company developed a line of its own vegetarian food. One of its first successes was Vegenaise, which became the best-selling vegan mayonnaise replacement in the US, [3] invented by co-founder Bob Goldberg.[4] Up to fifty million gallons of it are produced annually, and the product is also sold in various alternate forms,[5] including soy-free (where the soy is replaced with pea protein powder).[6] They developed a line of deli products, first available commercially in 1988 after a local grocer asked the restaurant to begin packaging its tofu salads for them to put out for sale,[4] focused on plant-based replacements for more traditional non-vegan foods.[7] sliced cheese replacements mirroring the flavors of various types of cheese.[8] Its products are sold in 23 countries, with a turnover of about $50 million in revenues per year.[9]

In 2015 Follow Your Heart was named the company of the year by PETA.[7] That year the company also partnered with musician Lil B to produce an app of Follow Your Heart-inspired emojis;[10] the company’s mascot is itself named VegEmoji.[6]


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