Verba Volant

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Verba Volant
Studio album by Jesse Dangerously
Released 2007
Recorded 2006-2007
Genre Hip hop
Length 36:27
Label Backburner Recordings
Producer Fresh Kils, Timbuktu
Jesse Dangerously chronology
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(2005)Inter Alia2005
Verba Volant
Humble & Brilliant
(2011)Humble & Brilliant2011

Verba Volant is the fifth album by hip-hop artist Jesse Dangerously.

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Safety's Off (Intro)
  2. Aww Shucks
  3. Celebrity Nudes (Timskin Moon Mix)
  4. So! Much! Fun! (Unh!)
  5. Verba Volant (You Listen Too Slow) feat. Johnny Hardcore & ginzuintriplicate
  6. Get Fresh (Fresh Kils Electrocrunk Embellishment)
  7. Butchershop Quartet feat. Toolshed
  8. The Day's Arc feat. Rez Villain & Don Brownrigg
  9. Naming Names
  10. Safe No More feat. Wordburglar, Apt & More or Les